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Hidden Orbs Supporting Non-Profits


Discover the Hidden Orbs of the Festival:

16 Ceramic Orbs for 16 Non-Profits!

In support of our fellow non-profit organizations serving

the Essex County community, this event is sponsored by


Enjoy a fun and engaging outdoor adventure with the Marblehead Festival of Arts! We’ve partnered with 16 non-profits to hide 16 beautifully designed ceramic orbs at various outdoor locations. These orbs, crafted by a talented local artist, represent the missions of each non-profit.

Join the Hunt!

As a non-profit organization, we believe in supporting our fellow non-profits. What better way than through this exciting scavenger hunt? Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Search and Find: Explore the festival’s partnered locations and look for the hidden orbs. They are about the size of a navel orange (4 inches/10cm in diameter).

  2. Snap and Share: Once you find an orb, take a picture of yourself with it. Send your picture to us and claim a prize from the MFoA logo store!  SEND HERE

  3. Follow the Clues: Check our website, this year’s event schedule, and our social media pages for hints on where the orbs are hidden.


Important Guidelines:

  • Locations: The orbs are hidden in outdoor areas where we hold events, with two exceptions at locations supporting the festival.

  • Respect Nature: Orbs are never hidden on private property, in wetlands, or in areas where retrieving them could harm the environment.

  • Leave No Trace: Please do not disturb the property. Orbs are not hidden at beaches or cemeteries.

  • Finders Keepers: You are welcome to keep one orb. If you find another, please leave it for someone else to discover.


Keep an eye on our page for updates on found orbs, including who found them and where. Happy hunting, and let’s support our non-profits together!

***The hunt ends when all orbs are found or on August 30th, whichever comes first.***

Non-Profit Organizations

Art Bridge Institution

art bridge.jpg

Artsbridge brings transformational change to young adults living in the midst of conflict. Through reflecting dialogue and the arts, participants work towards an appreciation of complexity and difference, leading towards the development of relational resilience. They learn to engage constructively and work together towards constructive change in their communities.

Artist: Reese Schaiberger

Beverly Bootstraps

Bev Boots.jpg
53834271957_70c71b99dc_o (1).JPEG

Beverly Bootstraps provides critical resources to families and individuals so they may achieve self-sufficiency. We offer emergency and long-term assistance including: access to food, housing stability, adult and youth programs, education, counseling and advocacy. We are community funded and supported.

Artist:  Sandra Hertigan

Abbot Hall

Beyond Walls

53834219802_54e1673e9a_o (1).JPEG

Artist:  Julia Potvin

Beyond Walls.jpeg

A non-profit placemaking agency that uses a creative lens to address community needs. We introduce public art, curated experiences and outdoor museums into the fabric of our communities by partnering with local community members and experts to design, produce and manage collaborative projects and programs.

Camp Erin


Artist:  Lauren Paul

Camp Erin.jpg

Camp Erin® Boston is a FREE bereavement camp for youth who are grieving the death of a significant person in their lives. Traditionally a weekend long program, we are currently offering a family camp program for children and teens and their families that combines grief education and emotional support with fun, traditional camp activities. Led by bereavement professionals and caring volunteers, campers are provided a safe environment to explore their grief, learn essential coping skills, and make friends with peers who are also grieving.

Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team

CAVPT with green background copy.png

Artist: Betty Panagakies

The Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team is a non-profit organization dedicated to vernal pond conservation and education since 1990. Our focus is vernal ponds. The issue is the preservation of wildlife habitat, which is ultimately about the health of the planet. Since 1990 Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team has served the North Shore with activities and programs that protect wetlands and educate the public. We have done a tremendous amount of work to preserve vanishing vernal ponds and thereby protect the wildlife that rely on those ponds for survival. 


Children's Piazza

Children's piazza.png

The Children's Piazza is a play-cafe with a mission to promote healthy brain development in young children and support the emotional health of their caregivers, with access for all.


Artist: Chloe Hertigan

Friends of Marblehead Public Schools


The Friends of the Marblehead Public Schools (FRIENDS) is a non-profit organization that funds grants enriching the educational experience of all children in Marblehead Public Schools. Friends supplements and enhances school programs and activities, and makes new ones possible.

Artist:  Amy Paul

Grateful Friends

grateful friends.jpg

Artists: Andrea Potvin

Grateful Friends was founded in 2014 to provide financial assistance and unexpected joy to adults in treatment or living with cancer in Essex and Middlesex counties. Along with providing financial assistance, our programs offer a night out to forget the "Big C," a thank you gift for caregivers, and our Comfort Baskets. These baskets are filled with items that provide comfort and a little bit of fun, curated to meet the specific needs of each recipient. 

53834237777_576214d8ab_o (1).JPEG



Artist:  Sandra Hertigan 


HAWC (Healing Abuse Working for Change) provides services to survivors of domestic abuse residing in 23 cities and towns on Massachusetts’ North Shore in order that they may make informed, independent decisions about their futures. HAWC'S Services are avaible in and virtually to best meet people's needs. These services include a 24/7 hour hotline, advocacy, emergency shelter, children's services, legal advocacy, support groups, and community outreach.

Magic Hat


Fort Sewell

Artist:  Susan Schrader


The mission of the Magic Hat Thrift Shop, Inc. is to generate funds for the Parent-Teacher Organizations of the Marblehead Public Schools for student educational enrichment programs. The organization achieves the mission by selling donated items at the Magic Hat Thrift Shop located in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Marblehead Counsling

53835135701_674cf701e0_o (1).JPEG

Artist:  Julia Potvin

Copy of mcc logo-8.12.08.jpg

For over 55 years, Marblehead Counseling Center's mission has been to provide high-quality, affordable mental health services to the Marblehead and the North Shore community. We believe in growth and self-healing in a safe, supportive environment and work with certified, licensed mental health professionals to help patients with all types of mental illnesses. We also help residents navigate the network of social services, including access to financial, food and housing resources.

Marblehead Museum


Artist:  Pati Baker

Copy of Logo hi-res PNG.png

Marblehead Museum is here to preserve, protect, and promote Marblehead’s past as a means of enriching the present. Marblehead Museum welcomes people of all ages to discover what makes Marblehead extraordinary through innovative learning opportunities. The Museum’s three properties and its preeminent collection serve as the catalysts for programming that connects individuals to the past and present, broadening their perspectives and understanding of Marblehead and the wider world.



Artist:  Nicole Alexandrou


Interested in improving our country, our Commonwealth, and our town? Join the Marblehead Democratic Town Committee to make a difference. Working together, we can champion high-quality public education, universal healthcare, income equality and safeguard environmental, reproductive health, and workers' rights protections. Let’s make life better for all Americans!

Northeast Arc


Artist:  Ellie Ferris 

northeast arc.jpg

Northeast Arc is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people of all abilities to reach their full potential. Northeast Arc was founded in 1954 by parents of children with developmental disabilities who wanted to raise their sons and daughters as full members of the community. By having the courage to challenge professionals who told them their children could not be educated and would not live to become adults, these parents created the systems that enabled them to attend public schools, develop friendships, reside in the neighborhoods of their choice and to earn a paycheck.

Ocean Alliance


Old Town House

Artist: Lauren Paul


The Ocean Rescue Alliance International is a marine conservation and restoration nonprofit organization that implements innovative techniques to restore marine environments. We use artificial structure to enhance marine environments, build marine habitat, conduct restoration, protect coast lines, and connect communities through art.  

Plummer Youth Promise

plummer promise.png

Plummer Youth Promise works with kids, youth, and families who are experiencing the child welfare system. In partnership with them, we build teams and plans to ensure as many young people as possible leave our care with a safe, stable, and emotionally secure parenting relationship


Artists: Amy Paul

Marblehead MA - Essex County

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