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Film Festival

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Tuesday, July 2nd  -  8:30pm – 10:30pm

encore viewing

Friday, July 5th  -  3:00pm – 4:30pm

Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead - Outdoor on the Patio

28 Mugford St, Marblehead, MA 01945


Ascension     Matias Watts Cruz     minutes 6.30     Marblehead High School

While exploring a warehouse alone, Caz discovers a mysterious orb that transports anyone who touches it to a heaven-like realm.  There is a cost however, the user's desire to use the orb overpowers any other drive they have.  As well as the orb appears harmful in some nebulous way.  Once Caz's friend Aaron shows up, tensions rise as the orb takes its toll.






Celebrating AAPI at BB&N     Niyam Badani     minutes 3.15     BB&N High School

A portrait of the asian-identifying students attending BB&N.




Flutter     Hamid Amini     minutes 3.40     United States

A tiny fly, smitten with a magnificent dragonfly, risks everything for a love that could crush him!


Game     Jeannie Donohue     minutes 15.00    United States

A new kid in town tests the limits at the High School basketball tryouts.





Let Me See Your Face     Carlos Sanchez     minutes 3.57     Canada

A naive young woman and her troublesome boyfriend struggle to record a fake kidnapping video in hopes of extorting her rich father.


Monska     Isabella Andronos     minutes 2.59     Australia

When a dance competition opens up in their town, a group of young girls take it upon themselves to perform their own distinct routine.  The girls are determined to show their strength, regardless of the outcome.


NIÑA     Tati Chavitage     minutes 2.03     Emerson College

NIÑA is an experimental nonfiction film that collages 16mm film, stop motion, hand drawn ephemera, and VHS-c film.  The piece divines connection between a childhood and present selves by repurposing personal audiovisual data.


One Simple Question     Idy Fall & Max Cedeno     minutes 3.55     Maynard High School

The film tackles the challenging questions surrounding the lack of diversity in our school and how it affects particular students.


Photo Album     Olive Rowell     minutes 3.07     Mt Holyoke College

My Grandmother Alison (Iya) and I look through a photo album created by her mother, my Great-Grandmother, Olga (Mamo).  As we read and relive the photo album together, it is brought to life through animation, Mamo's annotations, and Iya's words.  Only a week before, Iya's youngest brother David had passed away, and the day we filmed fell on Iya’s 73rd birthday.  This film emerged from a period of both mourning and celebration, the throughline being the peace and repair found in storytelling, and the necessity of remembrance in these times.       





The Deer     Baran Sedighian     minutes 4.42     Netherlands

There is a herd of deer living in the forest.  The hunters attack them and one of them is injured.  After a while, the wounded deer gets better and wants to go back to his old life, but he realizes that there is no going back, he has changed.  The deer starts to migrate so that he can know his new self.


The Most Valuable Heist Of All Time     Ryan Williams & Jonathan Bertone     minutes 3.46     Westwood High School

The Story of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist told through animation and photos.


The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night     Fawzia Mirza     minutes 11.25     South Asia

The film follows Noor, a queer Pakistani Muslim woman who brings her Puerto Rican girlfriend home for the first time on the family's annual game night -- which happens to fall on Christmas Eve!  All cards are on the table when Noor's eldest sister unexpectedly shows up, sending the night into chaos and putting all their relationships to the test.  The film explores themes of sisterhood, belonging, and breaking the rules of tradition.


The Weight of Numbers     Madalyn Carr     minutes 6.33     Bridgewater State University

Struggling with mental health and disordered eating, a filmmaker documents her story searching for inner peace and healthy ways to cope with insecurities and emotions.


This Was Our Spot     Olivia Sesemann     minutes 1.40     United Kingdom

Two people sit on a bench.


Time Settles     music by Conil; animation by Julia Gromskaya     minutes 3.25     Italy

A music video of “Time Settles” showing vivid animations.   It seems to weave a circular narrative, echoing the cyclical nature of life.






Upasana     Amar Koushik     minutes 6.05     India

'Upasana' translates to worship or devotion.  The song delves deep into the struggles of artists while celebrating the profound beauty of their craft.  The song honors the journey of creativity and resilience.

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Committee - James Pulido, Evie Riegle, Bill Smalley, Laurie Stolarz, Brady Allen Weed
For more information, Please contact


Martha Janus - grew up in Owensboro, Kentucky, and received her B.A. in Theatre Arts at Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, AL.  She studied film production in graduate school at Columbia College in Chicago.  She worked as assistant stage manager and in other positions on numerous plays at the Body Politic Theatre in Chicago.  After moving to Boston, Martha received a Screenwriting Certificate from Emerson College and won the programs screenwriting award.  She interned in the story departments of TriStar Pictures and Arnold Kopelson Productions in New York.  She was chosen to participate in Viable Paradise, a week-long science fiction and fantasy writers workshop on Martha’s Vineyard.

Erin Trahan - For the last two decades Erin has reported on independent filmmaking for outlets such as WBUR, The Boston Globe, and MovieMaker Magazine. She also served as editor of the online version of The Independent Film & Video Monthly and oversaw the preservation of the print magazine’s archive.  She’s currently on faculty in Emerson College’s visual media arts and journalism departments and is a fellow in its Transforming Narratives for Environmental Justice initiative.  In the fall of 2024, she’ll release her first short documentary, “Dukakis: Recipe for Democracy”

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