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Art & Exhibit Winners

We want to extend a huge congratulations to the all the winners across all categories.

Thank you to all the artists and writers who contributed pieces - all which are now on display across 6 exhibits across town through July 4th!


Best of Show: Michael Kaufman, Sculpted Stool

Carol Moore Award: Kiki Taron, Kinney, Five Whales and a Shy Octopus, Three-Bowl Set

Deborah Ekholm Frost Award: Elizabeth Stubbs, Three Oranges

Honorable Mention: Joseph Petty, Turtle Tea Pot

Honorable Mention: Pat Flaherty, Confetti

Honorable Mention: Madeleine Marino, Abstract Jellyfish Bubble Vase

Outstanding Work: Andrew Carr, Gravestone

Outstanding Work: Anne Taylor, New Zealand



Best of Show: Todd Zalewski, “By-Catch: The Unwanted Fish and Other Marine Creatures Caught During Commercial Fishing for a Different Species”

Honorable Mention: Lisa Mckenna, “Talk to Me”

Outstanding Work: Gretchen Langton, “The Child”



Best of Show: Nicole Alexandrou, “Claustrophobia”

Honorable Mention: Todd Zalewski, “Shells on Devereux Beach”

Honorable Mention: Adrienne Kelliher, “Birdhouse”

Lee R. Smith Award: Linda Lea Bertrand, “Keep Up with Trends”

Outstanding Work: Teri Gambardella, “Wind Through the Pines”

Outstanding Work: Amy Hourihan, “The Fruit Lady”



Best of Show: Stephanie Verdun, “Springtime at My House”

Don Howard Award: Jack Walsh, “Just Another Butt on the Street”

Honorable Mention: Adrienne Kelliher, “Over the River”

Honorable Mention: Tammy Nohelty, “In the Beginning”

Outstanding Work: Judy Robinson-Cox, “Shangri-La”

Outstanding Work: Marc Morin, “1945”



Best of Show: Fred Callori, “Disconnected”

Edward D. Carey Award: Amy Hourihan, “Heineken and Raybans”

Honorable Mention: Brianna Berg, ”Main Street, Essex”

Honorable Mention: Barbara Naeser, “Pond Is Not Safe”

Honorable Mention: Annette Sykes, “Reflections of Marblehead I”

Honorable Mention: Nancy Brown-Birmingham, “Dusk”

Honorable Mention: Claire Donnelly, “Nun for You”

Outstanding Work: Elaine Caliri Daly, “Cathedral”

Outstanding Work: Todd Zalewski, “Marsh Wren at Nahant Thicket”




Best of Show: Kristin Horgan, “Dancing in the Dark”

Outstanding Work: Anne Roberts, “Vietnamese Grandmother”

Outstanding Work: Eyal Oren, “Layers of Smoke”

Honorable Mention: Mark Katz, “Racers Row”

Honorable Mention: Jose Calderas, “Rustic Blooms”

Honorable Mention: Jerry Wishnow, “Silhouette – Noto, Sicily”

Honorable Mention: Eyal Oren, “Salute for Glover’s Birthday”

Photojournalism Award: Anna Wolfe, “Cooling Down the Town I”

Samuel Chamberlain Award: Bryan Woodard, “Solitude”


Best of Show: Owen Taupier, “Fine Food”

Outstanding Work: Kristin Horgan, “Sólheimasandur”

Outstanding Work: Patricia Scialo, “Campobello Island”

Honorable Mention: Todd Belfbecker, “Make Way for Turkeys”

Honorable Mention: Herb Goldberg, “Backstage”


Best of Show: Sammia Atoui, “Bather”

Honorable Mention: Sammia Atoui, “Beach Walk”

Outstanding Work: Amy Hourihan, “Snags Lid”

Outstanding Work: Kate Hanlon, “Alice, Watering”



Best of Show: Jack Walsh, “The Root”

Beverly Seamans Award: James Caulfield, “Zena Waiting for the School Bus”

Honorable Mention: Michael D. Schrenko, “A Proud American”

Outstanding Work: Judy Robinson-Cox, “Picnic on Petrified Rock”

Outstanding Work: Daniel Zampino, “Lord of the Dance in Redstone”


Best of Show: Claudia Kaufman, “Grape Bunch”

Bob and Ruth Sinclair Award: Herb Goldberg, “Quiet Corner”

Honorable Mention: Ron Harrison, “Spearing Fish”

Honorable Mention: Karen Hosking, “Audubon Sanctuary Triptich”

Honorable Mention: Susan K. Burgess, “All Quiet on the Marsh”

Louise Remick Brown Award: Catherine Derosier, “Did This Poem Take a Lifetime or an Hour”

Outstanding Work: Marcia Hostetter, “Morning Light”

Outstanding Work: Eleanor Fisher, “Owl”



Best of Show: Edie Mae, “Self Portrait”

Debra and Jack Highberger Award: Jamie Halliotis, “My House”

Honorable Mention: Johra Warab, “Junior Prom”

Honorable Mention: Rachael Albert, “Sneakers”

Honorable Mention: Keliane Salem, “Inspired by Yellena James”

Honorable Mention: Charlotte Horton, “Oceanside”

Nordia Kay Award: Nate Aniello, “Ocean’s Treasure”

Outstanding Work: Angelo Knight, “A Ripple in the Ocean”

Outstanding Work: Shawn Stolartz, “Portrait Study 1”



Best of Show: Kate Hanlon, “The Meeting Spot”

Outstanding Work: Elaine Caliri Daly, “Refreshing”

Honorable Mention: Corrine Commoss-Abercrombie, “Fort Beach, Low Tide”

Honorable Mention: Susan K. Burgess, “Down the Hill, High Street”

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