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Cod & Whale Auction


Please Click On The Button Below To Register For The Auction, And Bid For Our New 2023 Cod and Whales!


One-of-a-kind decorated Codfish and Whales are up for bid 

We’re thrilled to launch this year’s Festival of Cod and announce the addition of Whales to the mix!

One-of-a-kind decorated codfish and whales are up for bid in our Festival of Cod and Whale online fundraising auction, which begins June 2nd and runs through July 4th, 2023.

New This Year! 

Have fun with our Scavenger Hunt including both cods and whales.

Stay Tuned for More Information.

Each codfish has an individual auction page that provides information on the contributing artist

and the local business where that codfish is displayed.

Our cods will be on display throughout downtown Marblehead in various shops, businesses, and restaurants

along Atlantic Avenue, Pleasant Street, and Washington Street. 


We have been very fortunate to have skilled local woodworkers at Ware Pond Woodworks and Redd’s Pond Boatworks volunteer their time to cut & finish blank cods for our participating artisans to apply their artistic talents!

With invaluable support from our wonderful local businesses and community members.

E Garvey.jpg
etched cod.jpg
E Garvey 1.jpg
E Garvey 1.jpg

Whales on the Lawn

We are so excited to introduce Marblehead to the Whales on the Lawn. 12 local artists have designed a 15 x 55 inch whale that will be displayed on the lawn at Abbot Hall at the end of May. Each artist has a local sponsor. The whales have been designed with multi media and are sure to be a hit with everyone!

Each whale will have a bidding for good page and an individual auction page that provides information on the contributing artist and the local business sponsor.


We are so grateful to these local sponsors that have contributed to making this new art exhibit happen! 

All proceeds from the Festival of Cod and Whale auction will directly support future Marblehead Festival of Arts programs and scholarships.

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