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People's Choice Winners

People's Choice Awards.jpg


Youth and Student

Fiona Barr

"Girl with the Jagged Earing"


Painting the Town

Artist: Roxcy Platte

"Marblehead Traffic Jam"

Medium: Watercolor


Sculpture # 1316

“Xena, Waiting for the Bus”

James Caulfield


Mixed Media- #220

“Rose Tree”,

Eleanor Fisher


Digital Art #1108

“Blue Lobster”

Patricia O’Hare Williams


Painting #375

"The Girl With The Red Hat"

Jonathan Sherman


Printmaking - #1224


Kate Hanlon


Drawing #136


By Nicole Alexandrou


Senior Art #825

"Morning Light"

Marcia Hostetter


Photo #508

"Marblehead light close up"

Francisco Urena

Craft, Fabric Quilt #14

"Unconditional Love"

Janet Barnet

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