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Chalk This Way

How many of the 23 chalk designs can you find? 

In the inaugural addition to the Festival of Arts, we invite amateur and professional artist to

highlight their favorite location in town, with their own artist flare.

Chalk This way will be on display for the public until nature and footprints wash them away! 

Saturday July 1, 2023 6:00am-9:00am

23 locations 

Atlantic Avenue, Pleasant Street, Washington Street

Crocker Park

This is a weather dependent event.

Chalk This Way is Marblehead Festival of the Arts inaugural event highlighting 23 amateur and professional chalk artists who will transform our sidewalks into a captivating one-of-a-kind arts experience. 

Sidewalk Art will be distributed throughout the main areas of town and where other festival activities are happening.

If you are an amateur or professional artist and would like to display your favorite place in town through chalk

Interested Artist Information:

  • Each artist will create a large-scale work of art directly on the asphalt surface using chalk pastels.

  • Be prepared to get a little messy.

  • $15.00 entry fee

Theme: Creative spin on your favorite location in Marblehead

One Box Challenge

You will be given 16 washable sidewalk chalk sticks to create your art piece.

(black, white, pink, 3-blues, yellow, 3-greens, 2-reds, orange, 2-purple, brown) 

What to Bring

  • Paper towels and hand wipes are always a good idea. 

  • First come first serve to choose your art location.

  • You may also choose to bring paint brushes and cloth which can come in handy when covering larger areas with color (your fingertips will thank you).


NOTE: Remember, acrylic paint, oil-based paint, and oil pastels are strictly prohibited at the event. 


Be prepared to work outside by packing plenty of water, weather appropriate apparel, and sunscreen.

Many artists pack extra towels, knee pads, or foam boards to kneel on when drawing directly on pavement. *** Parents/ supporters may also choose to bring lawn chairs to sit on while cheering on their young artists.

Don't forget to plan out your design beforehand. If you are recreating your drawing based on a grid, you may want to bring measuring tools, masking tape, and/or chalk outlines.


Make sure to charge those cameras/ phones the night before so you're able
to take photos and document your amazing work. Share all your favorite memories
from the event by tagging @marbleheadfestival or using the hashtag #MFoA


Chairperson: Anusia Gillespie

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