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Square One: Beginning a New Novel or Fictional Story

11:00 am


Laurie Stolarz

Square One: Beginning a New Novel

or Fictional Story

Square One: Beginning a New Novel or Fictional Story

Friday, July 5, 11:00 a.m.

Marblehead Room, Abbot Public Library


So you are thinking about writing a novel . . . you have a nugget of a story in mind . . . you have characters you want readers to meet . . . you even have an intriguing twist you want to weave into these pages. But how to organize these ideas? What tools are available to get started, and how can you avoid the pitfalls that often derail a writer’s start? We have just the workshop for you. Facilitator and successful author Laurie Stolarz will present her suggestions, offer lessons learned, and share valuable guidance. You may want to take notes — there are sure to be “take home and use” ideas and techniques to get you started in the “write” direction!


About Laurie Stolarz

Laurie Stolarz is the author of 18 young adult novels, including the Dark House series and the Touch series, both published by Disney Books, as well as the bestselling Blue Is for Nightmares series. With over a million books sold worldwide, Laurie’s titles have been translated into 30 languages, developed into podcast series, and optioned for TV. Her most recent title, The Last Secret You'll Ever Keep, is a companion book to Jane Anonymous, which was named a 2020 Best Book by Kirkus and included on several state and regional award lists. Additionally, Laurie is a scriptwriter, having written work for podcasting, TV, and film, including for Fictionz, The Hideaway Entertainment, and Full Body Chills. Visit this prolific writer’s site at

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