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2024 High School Senior Art Scholarships



Application Overview
For Marblehead High School students or Marblehead residents graduating from any High School including Essex Tech


Award Purpose                                                                                                                                         

The objective of the MFoA, in awarding these scholarships, is to aid one or more high school graduates to pursue an academic degree in their field of choice within the arts including visual or performing arts, crafts, music or film production.

Award Criteria                                      

The MFoA Scholarship Committee will consider financial need, general academic and arts achievement, activities both in and outside of school (arts-related and other), honors and/or special citations received related to their intended future vocation. All information will be kept confidential.


Application Process                                                      

Please complete the attached form in ink or typed and provide all the following required information as supplemental attachments. Add any additional information you feel is useful.



A one or two-page, typewritten essay describing yourself and your passion for your area of arts study, including why you selected your college or university program and your planned career path.  Be sure to include why you feel your pursuit of your passion is important and the impact you would like your art to have on those who experience it.


Supporting Media

Links to online media such as video, audio, photos, or physical copies of any items to support your application will be accepted.

Credentials and Acknowledgements

Comprehensive summary including honors and/or special citations received for your:

Arts and non-arts achievements

In school and out of school arts related activities

In school and out of school non-arts related activities


Attach or have your school forward the following:
Letters and Transcripts

Copy of high school transcript.

Letter of Recommendation written and signed by a teacher in your field of interest.

Letter of Recommendation written and signed by a teacher in another subject.

(If coming from your school check the box at the bottom of this application FORM.)


Please note: If you change the school you wish to attend, you must update the information in this application and inform the MFoA Art Scholarship Committee as soon as possible to


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