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Thinking of Writing a Book? So, What’s Your Story?

4:00 pm


David Roper

Thinking of Writing a Book?

So, What’s Your Story?

Thinking of Writing a Book? So, What’s Your Story?

Friday, July 5, 4:00 p.m.

Fireplace Room, Abbot Public Library


In addition to delivering five books since 1993, David Roper has been busy helping others give birth to theirs. Do you have a story inside you that you know would move people, but does it feel like an overwhelming undertaking to get it out?


Not to worry. Pull up a chair in our library’s Fireplace Room and let’s talk. David will address questions that are likely on your mind: How do I know if my story is any good? Where do I begin — and much less, end? What do I do when it’s done? How do I find and use agents? What about the cover design? And many more. This will be a conversation, so bring your questions, share your experiences, and get some insights on the publishing journey. Come away with new clarity, new connections — and new confidence as an aspiring author.


About David Roper

Watching for Mermaids, David Roper’s collection of stories and essays, was a three-time Boston Globe bestseller, and he followed with its sequel, Beyond Mermaids (2021). His 2017 novel Rounding the Bend: The Life and Times of Big Red told the life and redemption of a washed-up Mississippi River pilot and Vietnam vet. David also co-wrote the screenplay for Rounding the Bend after it was optioned for a film. His most recent work is the 2023 novella The Ghosts of Gadus Island, set on a remote island off the Maine coast. Nonfiction work includes Getting the Job You Want Now!


David was a three-time Best of Show fiction winner of the Marblehead Festival of Arts Writers World, and his work has been published in 18 languages.


Fun notes about David’s background — in his 20s, his primary residence was a home-built houseboat. At age 27, with his Coast Guard Masters license, he captained a 135-ft Mississippi paddlewheel cruise ship, which became his inspiration for his novel Rounding the Bend.


When not writing, David is busy at A-Script, a Marblehead career advisory and resume writing firm that he founded in 1982. Learn more about the most interesting David at

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