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Literary Exhibit Winners

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To read the student submissions or the winning submissions in the adult category, please visit the reference room at Abbot Public Library at 3 Brook Road. 

As Presenting Media Sponsor of the 2023 Festival of Arts, the Current enabled the return of the Literary Festival, known originally as “Writers World”, after a brief coronavirus hiatus. This event included the always-popular writing contest as well as a full slate of speakers, panels and workshops of interest to writers and readers alike.


Adult Fiction

First Place: Sara Reish Desmond: “Small Secrets”

Second Place: Emily C. Hanlon, “At the Intersection of Love and Hate”

Honorable Mention: Norman Birnbach, “Shrine to the Cult of Joy”

Honorable Mention: Joseph Puleo, “Door in the Mist”

Honorable Mention: Tonya Walker, “Ice Water”

Adult Nonfiction

First Place: Paula Tully Gold, “The Little Yellow House”

Second Place: Joan Cutler, “I Ironed the Pillowcases Today”

Honorable Mention: Bob Baker, “The Jones Mobius”



Adult Poetry

First Place: Laurie Rosen, “Deep Into November I’m Not Usually This Lighthearted”

Second Place: Robert Shuman, “Migrant Angels”

Honorable Mention: Dena Gilby, “Italy Nights”


Student Fiction

First Place: Mercedes Joyce, “Steady Noises”

Second Place: Niko King, “Heal Me”

Honorable Mention: Hudson Moore, “Story of the Past; A Note from the Future”


Student Nonfiction

First Place: Max Arbo, “The Headstone with Three Names”

Second Place: Isabella Miller, “Memory Lane”

Honorable Mention: Isabella Miller, “Forgotten Treasure”


Student Poetry

First Place: Nina Johnson, “Who Am I Now”

Second Place: Anna Marsden, “My Best Friend, Lucy”

Honorable Mention: Damilola Graciella Olabisi, “Roots”


Marblehead Current Best of Show

Max Arbo, “The Headstone with Three Names”

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