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Pastel Strokes

School of Rock Wakefield – These Kids ROCK!

Saturday July 1st

Local Artist Showcase

12:00pm – 1:30pm          

School of Rock Wakefield – Its Only Rock n Roll (But We Like It!)

The School of Rock in Wakefield, MA teaches guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, drums and combines weekly private music lessons and group band rehearsals to prepare students to take the stage in front of live audiences in an authentic concert setting. Directed by outstanding musician & teacher Chris Narainen, the Show Team represents some of the finest students the school has to offer. Members are accepted by audition only and are given some of the most challenging music they can handle. 


The Wakefield S.O.R. Show Team Performers are:

Brody Esterbook on guitar, June Crowley on vocal, guitar and bass, Avery Macdonald on vocal, Sharada Sundaram Senders on vocal, Ori Levine on vocal, guitar & bass, Finn McDonough on bass, Guilherme Gome on drums and keyboards, Oren Santillo on keyboards and Isaiah Alexander on drums.

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