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An Autobiographical Duet | Alexander R. Brash & Robert W. Armstrong

10:30 am


Alexander R. Brash

An Autobiographical Duet

An Autobiographical Duet | Alexander R. Brash & Robert W. Armstrong

Friday, July 5, 10:30 a.m.

Event Center, Abbot Public Library


Sail the high seas of gritty adventure with Alexander Brash, author of A Whaler at Twilight (2023). This is the long lost true story of Robert Armstrong, an American whaler who, in the mid-19th century, embarked on a harrowing South Pacific adventure in search of absolution and redemption.


Decades later, Robert Armstrong wrote an autobiographical account based on his travel logs, chronicling his 10 years of thrilling experiences. This gripping personal account is bookended by contextual background compiled by the whaler’s great-great-grandson — our noted speaker Alexander Brash — who discovered his ancestor’s manuscript among a collection of family mementos. Alex fills out this intimate and timeless tale by shedding further light on a turbulent historical period, whaling and its impacts, his ancestor’s religious milieu, and the importance of marine conservation today. A Whaler at Twilight is a fascinating dive into both human morality and American history. Be part of this voyage. We set sail on Friday, July 5 at 10:30 a.m. at the Abbot Public Library Event Center.


About Alexander Brash

A self-described devotee to conservation and ecology, Alexander Brash brings his passion for the natural world to his many endeavors. His career includes roles with New York City Parks, where as Chief Park Ranger, he initiated the Forever Wild Project, which now protects and preserves over 12,400 acres of natural areas across 135 parks. Alex has also lobbied for our national parks on behalf of the National Parks Conservation Association, bringing particular attention to the system’s urban parks and cultural icons. His many publications reflect his focus and advocacy for protecting, conserving, and appreciating our precious natural resources. Now happily retired in Connecticut, Alex remains active with consulting, writing, traveling, birding, and spending time with family. Visit to learn more about Alex’s background and many accomplishments.

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