Long Winter Short Film Festival

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Long Winter Short Film Festival

Mid-winter blues getting you down? Here is your opportunity for a fun local night out and to see some great films. Its close by and free. The evening’s lineup includes pieces that were screened during the 2017 Summer MFoA Short Film Festival as well as additional thought-provoking original short films.

The screening will take place at 7pm on Wednesday, February 21st in the Virginia Carten Galley/Public Meeting Room at Abbot Public Library. Light snacks will be available and admission is free of charge, but as always, donations are welcome.

Film Festival works are intended to show the many ways that film and video can be used as an art form to inform and express. They are not commercial films of the sort that you can find in your standard multiplex. Although some of these works can certainly be enjoyed by children, not all of the films may be understood by them. Parents should review the lineup and decide if the films are appropriate for their younger children.

WHAT: Long Winter Short Film Festival
WHERE:  Abbot Public Library Bottom Floor Meeting Room
WHEN:    Wednesday February 21, 2018  7:00 – 9:00 pm

Co-Chairs:  Mike Evers, Laurie Stolarz
Committee: Steve Krom, Bill Smalley, Paulina Villarroel Cruz,

2018 Long Winters Short Film Festival

Sea of Stories               2 Minutes                Azure Allen                 

In this tale a greedy Carolina planter steals a beautiful mermaid from her ocean home. Through her own power she is able to save herself, while her captor is oblivious the terrible fate that awaits him because of his selfish actions.  Azure Allen is a 16 year-old homeschooled filmmaker and animator from South Carolina.

Honk:  A Festival of Activist Street Bands    Patrick Johnson     6:39 Minutes

Honk! is a documentary about activist street bands who reclaim public spaces with their brash sound and political message. Patrick Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Filmmaking at Wheaton College, a documentarian, and a saxophonist for the School of Honk.  Honk! Won the Honorable Mention award for the 2017 Summer Film Festival.

The Hidden Harpist       Eleanor Levine              3:53  Minutes

Eleanor Levine’s short documentary concerns harpist Ellie Denison and her psychological struggles with an instrument that is simultaneously her life-long passion and her greatest source of fear.  Ms. Levine’s documentary was screened at the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival. She is currently a student at Wheaton College.

Signs of Love                2:32  Minutes                       Alexander Keown

 Mr Keown’s film is an animated short that tells the romantic adventure of two restroom signs that come to life and find each other.  Alexander Keown is an artist, animator, and video producer from New Hampshire who has created many independent short animations and video projects, and works for a software developer as the company’s creative specialist.

The Business of Boxing , Part One          10  Minutes                  Rob Maloof

Rob Maloof’s documentary takes us into the rough and tumble world of an amateur and two early pros who aspire to a career in professional boxing.  Rob Maloof started out as an audio engineer and expanded his interests into photography and filmmaking, documenting the Boston boxing scene. The Business of Boxing, Part One won the Best of Show award for the Summer Film Festival.

A Conversation about Race             4:42 Minutes            Gregory Maxim Burdett

A candid conversation about race in America and how it colors our everyday lives, including discussions by those who have grown up in biracial households.  Gregory Maxim Burdett is a graduate student in Emerson College’s Visual Media Arts program and Director for Artists for Humanity’s Studio for Video and Motion where he works with Boston area teens on video and animation projects..

Dear Meghan                   2:42  Minutes     Michael Sargent and Jeffrey Szymal    

In this moving essay-like documentary, the filmmaker writes a letter to his deceased sister. Both Michael Sargent and Jeffrey Szymal are students at Fairhaven High School.   

Eagle Feather                        4:20   Minutes                           Pasquale Encell

In this animation, Mr. Encell describes his childhood experiences learning about Native American lore from his elders. Pasquale Encell is a student animator from Ashland, Oregon.

Haymarket             4:00 Minutes    Chuck Bemis, Rob Antonucci/Westwood High School

A day in the life of Haymarket Square, Boston. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the passing day. Chuck Bernis and Rob Antonucci are students at Westwood High School.

Transfer                Andrew Bloomenthal              12:10 Minutes

This is a real live musical comedy about a psychotherapist and her patient, a young man who is trying to recover from a traumatic breakup.  Transfer writer/director Andrew Bloomenthal is the award-winning filmmaker of the noir thriller Sordid Things.  He’s also a career journalist and enthusiast of the CBS series The Amazing Race.

A Teenage Girl Survival Guide      4:00 Minutes    Adriana Marquez/Raw Arts

This is a commonsense guide for making it through one of life’s rougher patches. Adriana Marquez made the film in association with Raw Art Works.

Tryouts                            14 Minutes                                   Susana Casares

Nayla, a Muslim teenager in small-town America, tries out for her new high school’s cheerleading squad. She has everything it takes but the judging panel won’t let her join unless she takes off her headscarf. Nayla doesn’t want to compromise her beliefs but she doesn’t want to give up her dream either, so she’ll have to find her own special way of complying with both worlds… and challenging them. Susana Casares is a Spanish director with many credits and prizes to her name and whose works have been shown around the world. Tryouts won the Honorable Mention award and the People’s Choice award for the 2017 Summer Film Festival.

Big Tree Small Town                       3:35 Minutes         Kiely Quinn/Raw Arts

Big Tree Small Town tells the story of the well-known tree in Swampscot’s Memorial Park narrated by people who testify to its importance in their lives. Kiely Quinn made the film with Raw Art Works.

The Hot One, the Smart One, or the Girl?    10:00 Minutes         James Magnus Woods

In this over the top comedy, it’s interview day for Bill, Steve and Alice, and they’re nervous.  Anyone who has ever endured the interview process, whether successfully or not, will relate to this satrical take.  Originally from Australia, James Magnus Woods lives in New York.  He has won several awards and is known for his satirical perspective. NOTE: This film contains an instance of strong language and a five second allusion to a sexual act.


Estranged:  A Love Letter to New England 2:45 Minutes           Noah Duarte

A young New Englander considers what the region has given him as he prepares to bid his farewell to it.  Noah Duarte was a student at Fairhaven High School last year. Estranged won a prize in the five-minute high school film category in the Salem Film Fest and the written version won a 2017 New England Student Production Award for Excellence.

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Film Festival Committee:  Co-Directors, Mike Evers, Laurie Stolarz
Members: Steve Krom, James Maroney, Bill Smalley, Paulina Villarroel Cruz


235 Pleasant St, Marblehead, MA 01945