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Marblehead Festival of Arts Wants You

The Marblehead Festival of Arts is in the process of assembling a slate of Officers and Directors for fiscal year 2015 and is looking for highly motivated individuals to serve on this Board to lead the groupís efforts and help shape its future. "2015 is a unique year in that we will be producing our 50th Anniversary Arts Festival," said Robb Macomber, Chairman of the Nominating Committee. "We have a real opportunity to not only celebrate our accomplishments, but to begin to shape our future and are looking for strong candidates to be a part of this."
There are numerous areas where your skills can be of real value as a Board member. If you have organizational, management, business, or leadership skills, know database, information management, finance, business development, fund raising, or long range planning and are looking for ways you can contribute to your community, we want to talk to you.
The Marblehead Festival of Arts, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization comprised of area residents who volunteer their time and services in a variety of capacities and positions. The organization fosters artistic events and activities in the town of Marblehead, producing an annual Arts Festival comprised of fine art and performing art exhibits and events as well as other art related events throughout the year, and contributes to the development of other local organizations and art projects.
Time is short. We need to hear from you no later than Tuesday August 26, so do not hesitate.
Include your name, email or phone number, areas of interest, and a little bit about yourself if you like, and we will contact you.