Marblehead Festival of Arts (MFoA) 2019 Robotic Mower Raffle Terms & Conditions:

 • By entering the Robotic Lawn Mower Raffle, you agree that you have read, understood, and are bound by these Terms and Conditions.

• The Prize is one new Husqvarna Automower 115H model lawnmower as described on their website:

• Winner agrees and understands that this product requires installation and configuration and that support is available through Husqvarna, not the MFoA. Installation support is included by Husqvarna for this machine as described on their website.

• Tickets will be available for purchase at MFoA Information Booths and MFoA Events until July 6th, 2019.

• The cost of each ticket entry into the Robotic Lawn Mower Raffle is $10.00. You may purchase more than one ticket, but the maximum number of tickets is one hundred per individual or family.

• Monies raised by this raffle will support the activities of the MFoA.

• No tickets shall be sold to, on behalf of, or for a person under the age of 18 years.

• Winner acknowledges they shall be responsible for the payment of all tax, insurance requirements, and other charges as may be required under any law, ordinance, statute, or regulation. The currently listed retail price is $1599.00.

• The cost of the raffle ticket does not qualify as a charitable contribution according to the IRS for Federal Income Tax purposes.

• The Prize cannot be substituted or exchanged for cash, credit, or any future purchase from the MFoA.

• Current members of the MFoA board, committee chairs, and their families are not eligible.

• The MFoA reserves the right to use the name of the winner in its publicity and future raffle communications. By entering this raffle, you provide your express consent for the MFoA to use your information in this manner.

• The winner hereby agrees to indemnify and hold MFoA harmless from any and all liability related to the Raffle and/or the Prize, and the winner agrees not to hold MFoA liable for any action or event derived from the use, transport, or ownership of the Prize.

• Any Robotic Mower Raffle dispute will be resolved solely at the discretion of the MFoA Board of Directors and President. The MFoA reserves the right to refuse an entry and/or disqualify a winner in its sole discretion, if it determines that any of these Terms and Conditions are not met.

• These terms and conditions and any matters relating hereto shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Awarding the Prize:

• The winning raffle ticket will be drawn randomly from a single collection of all tickets sold on or before July 6th. The drawing will take place at Crocker Park, Marblehead, MA on the evening of July 6th, 2019. All ticket sales will end prior to the drawing.

• The MFoA will first attempt to notify the winner in person if present at the drawing, subsequently by phone. If unsuccessful, MFoA will send email notification. If MFoA is unable to contact the winner within 7 business days of the drawing, another winner will be selected.

o Please write clearly and legibly. If the MFoA cannot reliably read your full name, email, and phone number, your entry may be disqualified at our discretion.

• Delivery Requirements:

o Winner must accept delivery within 7 days after contact.

o MFoA will deliver the Prize to a mutually agreed location within the town of Marblehead, MA.

o The Prize cannot be shipped or transported by USPS or other private or commercial carrier.

o The machine is in the original unopened product packaging that requires a minimum of two adults to carry.

• Support for the Prize including set-up, installation, configuration, problem resolution, questions, repair, maintenance, parts, and warranty is available from Husqvarna based on their terms and conditions.