Marblehead Festival of Arts, Inc.

Artist Agreement

My submission of artwork to the Festival constitutes my acknowledgement and agreement with the following terms and conditions:

Sales Agreement

Artwork entered into Festival Exhibits may be offered for sale by the artist.  To list artwork for sale, indicate the sale price on the entry form.  Otherwise, indicate NFS if artwork is not for sale.  The Marblehead Festival of Arts, Inc. will receive a 30% commission on any sales.  All work for sale must be sold as displayed and may not be removed by the purchaser before the close of the Festival.


Artwork will be openly displayed in buildings, in areas open to the public.  It is recommended that all artists insure their own works for the duration of the exhibition.  The Marblehead Festival of Arts, Inc. (MFoA) is not responsible in any way for the loss, damage, disappearance, or harm of any kind to the works of art.  Delivery of works to the MFoA constitutes an express waiver, release, and discharge of all claims, actions or causes of action against the harm of any kind to the works of art.

Abandoned Work

Artwork not sold must be picked up by the artist or a representative of the artist at the scheduled pick-up times, unless other arrangements are made with the Exhibit Chairpersons.  Any artwork not picked up within 60 days after the close of the Festival shall become the property of Marblehead Festival of Arts, Inc.