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Pastel Strokes

Mojo Men – Classic Teen Rock!       

Mojo Men Sun 7.1.23 12.00-12.45pm.jpg

Sunday July 2nd

Local Artist Showcase - "Teen Town"

12:00pm – 12:45pm          

Mojo Men – Classic Teen Rock!                                                                         


The Mojo Men are made up of four young lads that met at Glover School all the way back in third grade. The summer before sixth grade, they figured out that each member of the friend group played a different instrument. The instruments they played were perfect to form a rock band. The Mojo Men are: Owen Harrison on bass, Matteo Rosato on drums; Jeremy Todd on rhythm guitar, piano, and vocals, and Sawyer Harrison on lead guitar and vocals. The Mojo Men, now ages 12 and 13, play an assortment of rock songs from the 60s to the 80s. We invite you to Rock Out with The Mojo Men!

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