Marblehead Festival of Arts Program

Ad Specifications for the 2018

Deadline: June 1, 2017

Submission: Send files to                                   

Ad Sizes

  • Full page – 5”w by 8”h
  • ½ page horizontal – 5”w by 4”h
  • ½ page vertical – 2 ½”w by 8”h
  • ¼ page vertical – 2 ½”w by 2”h

Ad Submission Specifications

  • 300 dpi resolution or higher
  • Document size must match the actual ad size or it will be scaled to fit the designated space at our             discretion.

Preferred format

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF

Other accepted formats:

  • High resolution(300dpi/ppi) JPEG, TIF OR EPS file
  • InDesign® (indd), Adobe® Photoshop® (psd) or Adobe® Illustrator® (eps)
  • Include all linked graphics and font files with your application files
  • Graphics files placed in a layout should be provided as JPEG, PDF, EPS or TIF files, positioned and              updated within the application and sized/oriented properly.

Unacceptable formats:

  •  Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  •  PageMaker
  •  CorelDraw

Sending your ad to us:

  • As an email attachment.  JPEG, PDF, EPS or TIF files also large jobs being sent as native files can be provided as self-extracting archives.
  • PDF proofs at 100% of ad size in the highest resolution possible are greatly appreciated and ensure the accuracy of your submission. Proofs must be created from and match the supplied electronic files.

B+W Ads:

  • Convert color graphics with your documents to grayscale.  We do accept color ads.


  •  Providing us with a clean, clear, high-resolution PDF will ensure that your ad represents you business well. Most images can be scanned, but the quality of the original will affect the print quality. We cannot guarantee the quality of submissions provided as color, Xerox copies, faxes, ads previously printed in newspapers or magazines and provided as clippings, or business cards, etc.