2019 Winning Artists

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Best of Show
Marcia Hostetter - Summer - Oil

Outstanding Work
Alicia Irick Cohen - Portrait of a Good Mouser - Acrylics
Janet Schwartz - High Profiles - Pastel

Honorable Mention
Barbara Rafferty - Yellow Wave - Alcohol Ink
Claudia Kaufman - Dolls of Vilna - Oil
Nancy Brown-Birmingham - Goldthwait Reservation - Acrylic
Racket Shreve - Moonrise Over Eagle Island - Water Color
Paul McMahan - Stonington House - Watercolor

Edward D. Carey Award
Marion Hall - Beach Walk - Watercolor

People's Choice Award
Alicia Irick Cohen - Portrait of a Good Mouser - Acrylics


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Best of Show
Alexa Ehrenberg - The Hole of Home - Etching

Outstanding Work
Hayley Coleman - La Pieta - Woodcut

Honorable Mention
Jean Fogle - Bzzzzzzzz - Gelatin Print
Matthew Heuston - Bear in a Chair - Relief Print

People's Choice Award
Matthew Heuston - Bear in a Chair - Relief Print



Best of Show - Color
Janice Koskey - Little Boy Blue

Best of Show - B&W
Stefan Zora - Montepulciano 2018

Outstanding Work - Color
Rob Kipp - Spring in Marblehead
Joan Kaplan - French Mountain Flower Shop

Outstanding Work - B&W
Larry Dunn - Around the Bend
Frances Paik - Midnight Man

Honorable Mention - Color
Russell Beck - Lake Huts
Michael Mulroy - February Dawn Over Marblehead Harbor
Gretchen Lally - Aspens in the Fall
Ellen Garvey - Christmas on the Reef

Honorable Mention - B&W
Jerry Wishnow - Man of God
Herb Goldberg - Saturday Morning, Strasbourg

Photojournalism Award
Emily Harney - 'Floating on Cloud Nine When It Is Only Round Three'

Samuel Chamberlain Award
Larry Dunn - Around the Bend

People's Choice Award
Kimberly Crowninshield - Stop at the Bubbler

Mixed Media

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Best of Show
Brian K Best - Ferrous Fish #2 - Assemblage of Found Objects

Outstanding Work
Judy Robinson-Cox - Gloucester Marine Railways -Mixed
Eleanor Fisher - Lion - Mixed

Honorable Mention
Holly Aloha Jaynes - Buddha Nature - Collage
Olga Gernovski - Window to Nature - Mixed Medium

Don Howard
Fariba York - Relinquish - Mixed Media Collage

People's Choice Award
Eleanor Fisher - Lion - Mixed



Best of Show
Daniel Zampino - Woman Mountainridge - Slate

Outstanding Work
Robert Ferro - Wired - Wire Sculpture
Diane McAlister - Nevermore - Sculpture

Honorable Mention
Kiki Taron Kinney - Sea Anemone - Knit and Woven Wire

Beverly Seamans Award
Michele Baillie - Sisters and Siblings - Ceramic

People's Choice Award
Ellen Garvey - The Return of Pluto - Blown Glass

Digital Art

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Best of Show
Mary Jane Mulholland - Into the Light - Digital

Outstanding Work
Gretchen Langton - Cecil - Photoshop Painting

Honorable Mention
Rick Cloran - Ribbon Rosette - Digital Image

People's Choice Award
Frances Paik - Natural Mind - Digital Collage

Youth & students

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Best of Show
Maya Nyberg - Dusk

Outstanding Work
Sarah Mann - The New Pretty in Pink

Honorable Mention
Jasmina Kurtovic - Octopus
Nora McNulty - Untitled
Jamie Haliotis - Untitled

Nordia Kay Award
Molly Tapper - Untitled

Debra & Jack Highberger Award
Asher Orenstein - Self-Portrait

People's Choice Award
Jamie Haliotis - Untitled

Painting the Town

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Best of Show
Corinne Commoss-Abercrombie - View at Castle Rock - Oil

Outstanding Work
Nicholas Read - Gray Day Washington Street - Oil/board

Honorable Mention
Elaine Caliri Daly - Solo - Watercolor
William Cloutman - White Umbrella - Oil

People's Choice Award
Sheila Farren Billings - Marblehead Harbor Panorama - Acrylic


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Best of Show
Pat Roberts - Cascade - Quilt

Outstanding Work
Louis Zirin - Carousel Horse, Frog, Goat, and Lion - Carvings and Painting
DonnaLynn DiSpirito - Lace Vase - Ceramic

Honorable Mention
Laurie Barham - Peacock Feathers - Hand Painted Warp, Handwoven Scarf, Tencel
Jane Gardner - Fish - Silver
Selina Narovlansky - Diva - Painting on Silk

People's Choice Award
Debbie Frost - Summer - Batik



Best of Show
Tara Gallagher - Hubba Bubba - Graphite

Outstanding Work
Ellen Grandpre - Jerry - Charcoal
Racket Shreve - Low Tide - Pen&ink

Honorable Mention
Elaine Caliri Daly - Symphony - Pen and Ink
Arelis O'Neal - It's All About the Sheep - Charcoal on Paper

Lee R. Smith Award
Janet Bouldin - Blind (contour) Justice’ Rbg - Art Crayon

People's Choice Award
Mike Cherry - Nazife - Pencil on Paper

Senior Art

2017 HG DSC03336.jpg

Best of Show
Marcia Hostetter - Towed - Oil

Outstanding Work
Larry Dunn - Domes of St. Isaac's - Photography
George Turner - Dusk - Watercolor and Ink

Honorable Mention
Olga Hayes - Out of the Soup - Watercolor
Eleanor Fisher - Yogi - Mixed
Marilyn Cloran - Nautilus Fantasy - Photograph

Bob & Ruth Sinclair Award
Ulrike Welsch - River Crossing in Hoi An - Color Photo

Louise Remick Brown Award
Elaine Abrams - Sunset at Red Rock - Watercolor

People's Choice Award
Marcelino Herrera Vegas - Where Do They Come From... Where Do They Go... - Oil on Canvas

Literary Festival

Best of Show- Poetry
Robert Shuman After Parkland - Poetry

Outstanding Work - Poetry
Javy Awan - Rain - Poetry

Honorable Mention Poetry
Robert Shuman - 300 Year Drought... - Poetry
Javy Awan - Fur-Lined Pajamas - Poetry
Elsa Richardson-Bach -Rabbit Run

Poetry Best of Show Fiction
Norman Birnbach - Empty Nights - Fiction

Outstanding Work Fiction
Michael Brady - In Between the Stones - Fiction

Honorable Mention - Fiction
Steve Zisson - Trash Fish - Fiction
Emily Hanlon - A Delicate Question - Fiction

Best of Show - Nonfiction
Guthrie Scrimgeour - Ghost City - Nonfiction

Outstanding Work - Nonfiction
Nonfiction Sandra Winter - The Carriage - Nonfiction

Honorable Mention - Nonfiction
Susan Butterworth - Re-Imagining Community: Aging in Community, Crossing the Street, Taking It Outdoors - Nonfiction
Kathy Abbott - The Island Years - Nonfiction

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