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Stopping By The Studio – Claudia Kaufman


I like the rich buttery feel
of the oil on the brush,
you do not get that with other mediums. …

Today Peggy is in the studio of Marblehead resident and artist Claudia Kaufman. Claudia belongs to the Marblehead Arts as well as the North Shore Arts Assoc. and The Copley Society.

PF: Claudio when did you start painting?

Claudia: At the age of 5 I won my first citywide art competition, in Rhode Island. However I really started painting seriously at 14, and was an art major in college. After college I worked as a commercial artist in N.Y.C. for several years. Then I took a 25yr. break from painting and I became part of the corporate world. I have now been painting full time for the last 8yrs.

 PF: Which medium do you prefer?

Claudia: I only paint in oil. I like the rich buttery feel of the oil on the brush, you do not get that with other mediums. I do have a great deal of respect though for water colorist.

 PF: A lot of your early paintings show fruit wrapped in plastic how did that come about?SONY DSC

Claudia:  I was in a post baccalaureate program at Brandeis and my studio had mice. I use to tack my food up in a plastic bag on the wall and one day I needed something to paint and the plastic bag thing was born.

 PF: What do think about the fact that many schools are cutting back on their art programs?

Claudia: I did not come from a school system with a strong art program. I always felt cheated. Not everyone has access to something like the Accorn Gallery to take lessons or has the time to do it after school.

 PF: What does art mean to you as a person?

Claudia:  It is a part of me, I’m a very visual person, a visual thinker. When I get up in the morning I’m visually planning my day whether it is work or going to the studio.  It’s really core to who I am and how I see. Although challenged, I am intrigued by transparencieslights and shadows.

 PF: Who is your favorite artist?

Claudia:  Sargent is absolutely my favorite painter, his loose style is the gold standard.

 PF: Finally, where can we see your art?

Claudia: At my studio gallery 3 Pleasant St. Marblehead, I’m having a solo show at the Marblehead Arts in May with two other artists, and thru the end of March I have work at a restaurant located at 15 Walnut St. in Essex……My exhibit after that is in May at the Marblehead Arts Association. I’m hoping to explore my usual subject matter done in a large scale and introducing strong patterns. I like to have 1 or 2 exhibits a year to keep me on my toes.   All work can be seen at Claudia’s studio, in exhibits and though commissions.


Claudia can be reached at:
e-mail: Claudiakaufman@comcast.net