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Sound and Lights Committee

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Sound & Lights Committee:

The Sound & Lights Committee manages the audio and lighting systems during performances at Crocker Park. In addition, the Committee sets up the stage, which consists of modular components that need to be transported (by the Facilities Committee), then assembled prior to the start of the Performing Arts Program. At the end of the Festival, everything is disassembled and placed in storage until the following year.

During the Festival, the Sound & Lights Committee safeguards the stage and the equipment 24/7.

 MFoA Concerts @ Crocker Park Internship Program:2013-crew_w400

Through the combined efforts of the MFoA Performing Arts and Sound & Lights Committees, we are proud to have developed this long running internship program which gives students the opportunity to learn and build a live concert setting from the ground up and the stage down. This intensive weeklong internship delivers valuable hands-on experience and school hours credits under the guidance of Festival veterans Robb Macomber and Brian Wheeler along with Educator John Krivit and Internship Program /NEIA Alumni Matt Furman, Jeremy Stark & Chris Harrington. In 2017, we’ve expanded our program to include students from New England Institute of Art along with students from Emerson College, Salem State University, Bay State College, local high schools and music schools.

 If you’re child age 16+ is interested in music, audio or recording, invite them to join the fun and learn about live sound!
Contact us: briangale@comcast.net.