Long Winter Short Film Festival

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Senior Art Judges

Suzanne Ulrich and Ziggy (Mary Elizabeth) Hartfelder

Suzanne Ulrich has enjoyed making art most of her life and has had the good fortune to maintain a studio outside the home for many of those years, indulging in the romance of the studio, the canvas, the paper, the paints, brushes, and all the other things needed to make this art. And the good fortune to be able to sit and meditate and work on things in progress; to live with them, look at them, change, remake, discard, and begin again until something emerges and is finished. Suzanne was affiliated with Ivan Karp and Kathryn Markel, two prominent galleries in Manhattan, for a dozen years and also with John Davis Gallery in upstate New York. Currently she is represented by Barbara Krakow in Boston, as well as several other private dealers.



Ziggy (Mary Elizabeth) Hartfelder has lived and worked in Salem, MA, for almost 30 years. With a photographic portfolio that includes pre-Christian and monastic landscapes in Ireland, architectural treasures here in Essex County, and dance and performance images, she is inspired by nature, old structures, dancers, and artists of all kinds. As a self-taught photographer, she relies on natural light and inspiration to make her images. Ziggy has won awards in both the 2001 Marblehead Festival of Arts and the 2001 Boston Herald Irish Photo Contest. She has been a member of the Essex Camera Gallery and Cultural Center. Her work has been purchased by several Irish pubs as part of their permanent collections. In 2009, she became a member of both the Salem Arts Association and the Marblehead Arts Association, and recently she was asked to join the GEM Gallery of Peaks Island, ME. Ziggy is currently photographing historic structures in Essex County, including the Lee Mansion, for an upcoming book by James White, a local architect and historian.