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Robert Marsters -Today Chandler Hovey is his Studio


Update: June 11th 2016  – See some shots of Chandler Hovey like you don’t often get to see in Robert Marsters article in the June “Read Salt”.  He describes Marblehead as “tony and tough”.  Gotta like that!

It was a beautiful day, so my wife Carol and I decided to go to Chandler Hovey and enjoy the harbor.  It turned out Robert Marsters had the same idea, only he was a little more ambitious.  Robert is a photographer but he does it old style. I don’t mean film, I mean tin type. In the picture above he stands with his camera and right in back of him, that cardboard box, is his darkroom.  He uses filtered sunlight through an ortho (red) filter and has a solar panel taped to the top of the box to power a white light.  What no air conditioning?  

Robert makes the colloidal suspension with light sensitive silver and coats tin plates. He can control the light hitting the tin type with his camera but it turns out the colloidal suspension is very temperature sensitive. Slight changes in temperature can effect his exposure time or development time so its tricky.  He likes taking his camera and darkroom to bars where he finds interesting subjects, but today he was in Marblehead and only able to get three shots of the light house. If you want to see more you can check an upcoming post about lighthouses in June in a website called ReadSalt.com or check out his website robertmarsters.com

Robert Marsters – TintypesRobertMarsters tintype