Long Winter Short Film Festival

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Poetry – Honorable Mention



QUESTIONNAIRE  –  Margaret Young


The four year olds bang into me like cats,

insouciant.  Elliot assuring Anthony

he’s brought his rubber band from home.


How would you describe yourself? Too old

to bother. Three sentences or less. In my room

you’ll find a lot of dust. Pictures of dead people.

Before they died. That special someone. Might

as well be dead. Arrives in a matching gift pouch.

A burning thing. Most drastically changed. Available

in admiral gray or navy. A truth acknowledged.

Double you double you double you. Dare.

Function of lyric. Raw edges add authenticity.

Cuddly pairs with sleek. Once we danced

in a skyscraper office. Fell for you like,

hell, was a child. Which celebrity resembled

most? Animal, roadside attraction. Is there

anyone at work? I work in goddamned preschool.


They have such rich names: Raven, Dustin,

Isaiah, Tenisha, Kai. Alexis puts on a lace scarf,

asks Khairee, will you marry me? No, he says,

I’m Batman.


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