Long Winter Short Film Festival

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Marblehead Festival Of Arts

2015 Award Winners

  • 2015 HG DSC03192
    Friends and Family Await Awards
  • 2015 HG DSC03174
    the winner of the Nordia Kay Award, Victoria Khrobostova, accepts congratulations from Emanuel Kay
  • 2015 HG DSC03167
    Milton Bloom Award Winner, Annabelle Kearney, is congratulated by Scholarship Chair Ron Lamkin.
  • 2015 HG DSC03162
    Scholarship Co chair Jan Lamkin Congratulates Jacob Sundlie
  • 2015 HG DSC03146
 Boxes In Bloom                                     Photography  
Crafts                                                  Printmaking
Drawing                                                Sculpture
Short Film Festival                               Senior Art
Mixed Media                                            Student Art
Painting                                                 Writer’s World
Painting The Town                                  Youth Art