Long Winter Short Film Festival

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Long Winter Short Film Festival 2016

 Long Winter Short Film Festival

Location:  Abbot Public Library Meeting Room
Date:  February 10, 2016
Time: 7:00 pm 

Film Festival Committee
       Co-Chairs: Mike Evers, Laurie Stolarz,
       Committee Members: Patti Rogers, Bill Smalley,                                                    Paulina Villarroel-Cruz


The 2016 Long Winter Short Film Festival is a collection of 13 short films by filmmakers, both adults and teenagers from the North Shore and elsewhere.  The films— comedies, animations, documentaries, essayistic reflections—were chosen for their uniquely personal qualities. They’re films you won’t find in your typical multiplex.  The evening’s lineup not only includes pieces that were screened during last year’s Summer Short Film Festival but also additional thought-provoking original short films.

Film Program
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In Capricious Hands        Stephen Larson     4:55 Minutes

An animated creature that doesn’t look like you—at least not so much—is trapped inside a box and wants to get out.  Do you think you can sympathize? Does he/she/it actually get what he/she/it wants?  Stephen Larson has been creating 3D animation since 1990, and teaches Electronic Imaging at Northern Michigan University.  His works have been shown at over 150 locations throughout the world.


Crazy Glue      Elizabeth Orne   6:20 Minutes

Love and Glue go together in this film in which long term couple blahs are surmounted by the application of the right chemistry.  Elizabeth Orne is a graduate of the NYU Graduate Film Program, and ”Crazy Glue” was nominated for the Student Academy Award and was an Official Selection of the Telluride Film Festival. “Crazy Glue” won the People’s Choice Award at the Marblehead Festival of Arts Short Film Festival.


Lady Parts        Emily Fraser and Katherine Gorringe   6:05  Minutes

If you’ve ever felt talked down to at an auto repair shop, this film will show you how customers—female or male, but especially female—should be treated. Emily Fraser and Katherine Gorringe made this documentary as part of a grant to Stanford University’s documentary MFA film program. “Lady Parts” won the Honorable Mention Award from the 2015 Marblehead Festival of Arts Short Film Festival.


The Lonely Baker     Cytheara Tham, Alli McInerney, Ayanna Marte   3:54 Minutes

Boy bakes girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl, but is she willing to make the ultimate commitment? See for yourself!  The three filmmakers are part of the Raw Arts Film School, and “The Lonely Baker won the audience award for the best “Emergencia” (emerging) Youth segment of the Cine Las Americas film festival in Austin in April.  “The Lonely Baker” won the Best of Show—Student Award from the 2015 Marblehead Festival of Arts Short Film Festival.


Curley:  A Historiophoty          Billy Palumbo         19.23 Minutes

It’s a what?? Historiophoty, the representation of history in images and film, questions whether history can be accurately conveyed through these media. Case in point: The life of James Michael Curley, four-time mayor of Boston, two-term Congressman, one-term governor, pardoned federal prisoner, and inspiration for the novel “The Last Hurrah.” Through looping black and whit
e shots, and fractured chronology, the Curley myth is questioned and laid open for your delectation in this startlingly original film. Billy Palumbo is a Boston-based filmmaker who teaches at Emerson College.


I Was a Teenage Girl, Apparently       Lyn Eliot and Nina Frenkel     5:54 Minutes

In this animated short, a woman finds a diary she kept as a teenager, and then goes back in time to try to talk some sense into her younger self. Lyn Elliot is the writer, and Nina Frenkel designed the characters and the artwork. “I Was a Teenage Girl” has played in a number of festivals, including the well-known Athens International Film and Video Festival. The Film won the Best of Show Award at the 2015 Marblehead Festival of Arts Short Film Festival. 


Jordan          Katie Russell     6:10 Minutes

This film, made in connection with the Raw Arts Film School, is a very personal documentary about the challenges that the severe autism of the young filmmaker’s brother has had on the family. More than anything else, the film explores what we do for love.


Open 24 Hours         Henry Chaisson            6:59 Minutes

A contract killer with a still living victim in the trunk stops at an out of the way convenience store to pick up some work supplies and encounters frustrating delays.  Henry Chaisson is a producer, director, and composer, and “Open 24 Hours” was featured in this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival.


La Princesse de l’Amour d’Amour          Arnaud Lalanne    9:41 Minutes

A young woman reads a fairy tale about a princess to a group of children and gets carried away herself by the story.  Arnaud Lalanne is a prolific young  French filmmaker.  “La Princesse” has appeared in a number of film festivals both in the United States and Europe.  French, with subtitles.


Hyperhidrosis: The Silent Handicap       Molly McGinnis    1:57 Minutes

For less than two minutes, Molly McGinnis, a young Marbleheader, lets you into her world, or rather the world of her illness, and the feelings of isolation that encumber her.


Stumped         Robin Berghaus            10:51 Minutes

“Stumped” is the story of Will Lautzenheiser, a Boston-based filmmaker who moved to Montana to teach film and contracted an infection that led to the amputation of both arms and legs. The film details his recovery and attempts to deal with his disability—including turning his problems into a comedy routine.  Robin Berghaus has written, produced, directed, filmed and edited more than 100 short documentaries and commercials, particularly in the Boston area. After the film was made, Will underwent an experimental double arm transplantation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  “Stumped” won the Outstanding Work Award at the 2015 Marblehead Festival of Arts Short Film Festival.


Sidewalk         Celia Bullwinkel      4:15 Minutes

In this animation, a woman walks through life, confronts her changing body, and learns to love herself.  Celia Bullwinkel is an animator who lives and works in New York City. She has worked on feature films, TV shows, and many advertising projects.  “Sidewalk” played in over 25 festivals, and has been featured on websites such as the Huffington Post, Roger Ebert, Upworthy, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Think Progress, and many others.

81 Year Old Sweethearts    Danielle Lurie        5:49 Minutes

On a flight from Long Beach CA to Washington DC, the filmmaker met Jack, an 81-year-old man who told her he was flying across the country to reunite with his high school sweetheart Betty, whom he hadn’t seen in 62 years.  “Sounds like a film,” thought Danielle, who pulled her camera out of her carry-on bag and filmed the reunion at the Dulles Airport. Danielle Lurie’s “Intuition”’ played in this final spot last year and here is her work again.

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