Festival Art Auction Preview.
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Art Auction Plates
Art Auction plate artists.
Art Auction plate artists, from left, standing: Julia Welsh, Holly Bevins, April Frost, Kacy Pierce, Hope Carpenter, and Kiki Taron Kinney; sitting: Robin Taliesin, Roxcy Platte, Jean Fogle, Tammy Smith, and Holly Aloha Jaynes; not pictured: Patti O'Hare Williams
Since the late 90s, plates have been part of Art Auction, with a dozen plate artists participating every year. In the beginning, each artist worked alone on her plate, in April Frost’s Hand On! studio.. Then, beginning in 2000, a studio day was established: everyone would work on her plate at the same time, and lunch would be served. This past year, April closed her studio, but decided that the tradition should continue, so she opened her home to the plate artists for a home studio day.

Unlike other works of art, creating plates is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get proposition. The colors change dramatically when the plates are fired, and artists need to take these changes into account when creating their designs.

The finished plates have become a regular and popular feature at the Art Auction, and selling prices have ranged from $25 to $200 per plate.
Art Auction Plates

“Stern Man”
Painted plate by Holly Bevins

“Pickled Eggs”
Painted plate by Hope Carpenter

“Fear No Art”
Painted plate by Jean Fogle

“Carribean Fish”
Painted plate by April Frost

“Marblehead Forever”
Painted plate by Holly Aloha Jaynes

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”
Painted plate by Kiki Taron Kinney
Art Auction Plates

Painted plate by Kacy Pierce

“Marblehead Summer”
Painted plate by Roxcy Platte

Painted plate by Tammy Smith

“Duck Reflection”
Painted plate by Robin Taliesin

“A Day at the Beach”
Painted plate by Julia Welsh

“Island Scene”
Painted plate by Patti O’Hare Williams
Sticy Rice fruit sculpture.
Sticky Rice
26 Hawkes Street

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Sticky Rice fruit sculpture
2006 Herb-Nordia.
Nordia Kay and Herb Goldberg.
Nordia Kay and Herb Goldberg
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