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Festival History

Founded in 1962, the Marblehead Festival of Arts operates year round and produces an Arts Festival every summer.
Festival Logos
Every year, a competition is held to select a new Festival logo. Local artists submit designs, judges select several finalists, and the general public determines the winner by ballot. The new logo is used on the cover of the annual Festival Program and is applied to T-shirts, hats, glasses, and various promotional items. Check out the winning designs and the artists who created them:
Angels & Principal Sponsors
The Festival is a non-profit organization supported by donations large and small. All donors are acknowledges in the printed Festival Program. Donors who contribute at our highest levels are awarded Angel plaques. For a listing of Angels in past years,
Performing Arts History
Performing Arts has been part of the Marblehead Festival of Arts since the first Festival in 1963.
Film Festival History
An annual Film Festival is part of the Marblehead Festival of Arts.
Festival History By Year
Senior Student Art Scholarships
Each year since 1986, the Marblehead Festival of Arts has awarded a scholarship to a high school senior pursuing higher education in the arts.
Milton Bloom Student Art Scholarships
Established in 2008, Milton Bloom Student Art Scholarships provide financial support to grade 7 through 11 students who are highly motivated to develop their artistic talents.
Board of Directors
Each year, the Members of Marblehead Festival of Arts, Inc. elect a new Board of Directors.