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Festival Recollections

Over the years, the Marblehead Festival of Arts has contributed to memories and traditions that positively impact individuals, families and the community.  Artists prepare their art, family reunions are planned, children look forward to building and racing their boat on Redd’s Pond and  strategies of viewing the fireworks are discussed all to celebrate July 4th and the activities surrounding the Festival.

The following short essays are the recollections of friends of the Marblehead Festival of Arts and what it means to them.  Throughout year we will continue to publish these stories. If you have special memories of the Festival that you would like to share here in under 500 words, send us a note.

Eric Knight Remembers

Eric Knight has been involved with the Festival since childhood. One of his fondest memories is taking his little sister to see a Mason Daring and... Read More

Maureen McKinnon Remembers

Maureen McKinnon moved to Marblehead in 1998 precisely because of the Festival of Arts. She says, “It was a complete and direct result of the... Read More

Jean Fogle Remembers

Jean Fogle entered the Logo Contest in 1975 and won. A year later, she and her family moved to Marblehead. Jean’s initial connection to the... Read More

Chuck Schefreen Remembers

Chuck Schefreen moved to Marblehead in 1968. He began working at Me and Thee Café making coffee and booking musicians. For the first few years,... Read More

Herb Goldberg Remembers

The year 1969 was the first year of the Marblehead Festival of Arts Photography Exhibition. Herb’s wife Jan saw a call for artists in The... Read More

Brian Wheeler Remembers

In 1974, at the age of 16, Brian Wheeler performed at Crocker Park during the Festival of Arts. The following year, he started working with... Read More

Stefanie Gladstone Remembers

From an early age, Stefanie Gladstone remembers her parents’, Jan and Herb Goldberg, love for the Festival, and she recalls fondly growing up as a... Read More