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Stefanie Gladstone Remembers

The best thing is now
I’m raising my own
Festival Kids!

From an early age, Stefanie Gladstone remembers her parents’, Jan and Herb Goldberg, love for the Festival, and she recalls fondly growing up as a ‘Festival Kid.’ “My folks and their friends were all 1970s hippies, so their children were all Festival kids. I was five or six years old when my parents started running the Art Auction, and I started with face painting at the Children’s Festival at age 11. “My parents were so busy that during the Festival, my friend Rachel and I could run around the Festival on our own. We liked going to Chuck Schefreen’s all-natural café to get raspberry lime rickeys and avocado and cheese sandwiches. We had a ball!”

Stef-87-1 copyStefanie says, “Kids need to express themselves, and the arts are extremely important. I do believe you learn what you grow up with.” Stefanie was highly influenced by her parents and says, “I started enjoying the Festival, because I saw who my parents were during the Festival. They really cared.”

Stefanie especially loved going to Crocker Park. She says, “It was even fun when it rained—we’d go under the tent and hang out with the people who’d built the stage and run the show.” She says, “There was dancing, Vaudeville acts, theatre—they did every type of performing arts.”

As an adult, Stefanie began chairing the Art Auction. Stefanie has also had a number of roles on the Board, including Director of Development and Vice President. “During the last year of being Vice President, I was seven months pregnant and running around. Now I am raising kids. I try to do little things to be involved in the Festival. I love the Champagne Reception. One of my favorite things to do is eat.”

The Champagne Reception used to be at the Lee Mansion. As young adults, Stefanie and her friends worked as wait staff, but now. She says, “It’s a fabulous reception. Brian Wheeler always gets an amazing band.

“Probably the most amazing memory I have is of Stephen Baird. He’s a street performer and folk singer. He helped legalize street performing in the Boston area. He came to the Street Festival every year and still does. He’s a little man with a beard, and every year my dad takes a picture of us. “

When I was an 18-year-old high school graduate, I was planning on traveling all summer to The Grateful Dead shows. My dad said, ‘You have to be back for the Street Festival to see Stephen.’ So, I told him I’d be back. I left for a couple of weeks. While we were trying to get home, the car kept breaking down, but I was determined. I had to take every single effort to get back, but I got there.”

The Festival has expanded and the group of people who run the Festival has changed. Stefanie knows the Festival will continue with its momentum and says, “There’s nothing exciting about painting flats, recruiting, going to Board meetings; but in the end, it’s the most gratifying thing in the world to watch this Festival come to fruition. It’s just worth it to be involved. It’s the heart of the town year round. The Festival always has a presence wherever you go—we’re even serving hot chocolate during Christmas Walk.”

The Festival promotes the arts and brings people into the community. Marblehead thrives in the summer.” Now, Stefanie’s children love going to the Festival. She says, “The best thing is now I’m raising my own Festival Kids!”

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