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Exhibit Entry Form (Adults)


Online registrations for the 2018
Marblehead Festival of Arts
will be opening in April.
Get ready to participate in another great year.

Keep checking back for the date

Please check back for updates or email exhibits@marbleheadfestival.org with questions.”


We have improved our process for online registration this year.  We recommend exhibit online registration and payment for a easier streamlined process for you and our volunteers.  We will verify your submission and within a few days you will get an email with all your entry information and a pre-printed art entry tag that you can attach to your art.  When you drop off your art all you have to do is verify your information at the appropriate exhibit and be on your way. How easy is that!

You can register, enter your art and pay your entry fees starting some time in April, the firm date will be announced soon.

 Online Registration and Entry Form – Opening date to be announced

Just click on Art Exhibit Registration MFoA Website logo below.  It will take you to an easy and relatively quick process where you can register, update your information, if necessary, and then enter and pay for your craft, drawing, mixed media, painting, Painting the Town (plein air), print, photography, sculpture or senior art.  Good Luck and see you at the Festival.Logo Art Exhibit registration graphic

Click on these Website logo below to register and enter Writers’ World  WRITERS wORLD registration graphic

 Downloadable Registration and Entry Forms

The forms for those who still want to register through pen and paper and pay at Art Drop-Off are available below as downloadable registration and entry forms.

So if you prefer to rock it old style you can download and fill out the forms to bring with you at drop off by clicking the link below, filling out the forms and printing them. If not and you want to expedite your drop off, please use the online registration form and we will both save time.

Artists Registration 2017 (PDF)