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Winter Film Festival

Marblehead Little Theatre, 12 School Street
Wednesday Evening, February 26
Doors open at 7:00 PM. Screening begins at 7:30 PM.
Free admission. Refreshments
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The Winter Film Festival is an encore presentation of selected works from the preceding Summer Film Festival program, often with inclusion of works not shown during the summer. Frequently, local filmmakers are in attendance and are available for discussion after the screening.
As a special addition this year, the evening will begin with a celebration of the new Festival logo and its designer, Chris Small.
Chairpersons: Mike Evers, Laurie Stolarz
Committee: Carol McLaughlin, Phil Osborn, Jocelyne Poisson, Sandy Rhoads, Bill Smalley, Paulina Villarroel, Caryle Anne Wildfield
Winter Film Festival poster.
Click on the image to download the Winter Film Festival poster (zip).
2014 Film Festival Program

The Broken Necklace
John Bonner
7:56 minutes
Marblehead’s intrepid bicycle explorer takes the “silver bracelet” bicycle path from Marblehead to Swampscott. Dangers abound as our hero risks life and limb. Does he make it out alive to go on to more adventures? John Bonner is an artist living in Marblehead who makes his living designing and animating educational software.
Devyn Jaffe
5:28 minutes
The filmmaker, a participant in Lynn’s Raw Arts Real to Reel Film School, asks passersby on Boston Common a very unusual question—one that you can ask yourself. See what the question is and what the (surprising and not so surprising) answers are.
Ode to Beauty in Imperfection
Ties de Blij
7:32 minutes
Directed by Ties de Blij, an abstract expressionist painter, performance artist, and filmmaker, this film combines visual impressions of Marblehead with Marty Riskin’s memories of his fleeting relationship with his grandfather both in life and death. With audio by Nick Mancini.
The Ballad of Chicken Soup
Ben Abarelli
3:54 Minutes
Ben Albarelli, an animator, created this music video from a song by Ben Rudnick and Friends, a family-oriented music group, about the joys of making and eating chicken soup. Even the chicken is a willing participant in this feast.
Bitter Sweet
Keith Wasserman
6:28 minutes
A young woman goes on a (real? imaginary?) journey using the directions left by her recently deceased father. Keith Wasserman is an artist, filmmaker and teacher and has been working in these professions for fifteen years.
Tanisha Garner
2:22 minutes
A young bicycle rider observes and talks about Lynn, the city she is growing up in. This film is another production by the Raw Arts Real to Reel Film School.
Steve Stuart
6:23 minutes
This documentary explores a serious disorder prevalent among today’s youth, and it’s supported by case studies and an opinionating expert with a roomful of books and colorful charts. Steve Stuart is a filmmaker who has provided many films, both comic and serious, to the Film Festival. The Film Festival is grateful for his contribution toward eliminating this dread disease
Uso Justo
Coleman Miller
22 Minutes
There’s a good chance that you’ve never seen a film like this. The title is Spanish for “Fair Use”, a legal term which refers to the justified use of copyrighted materials without payment of royalties, and which refers to the film itself, “found footage” of a 1959 Mexican hospital melodrama. The real story is told with the use of subtitles as the characters suddenly realize that their film has been hijacked by an “experimental filmmaker”. Coleman Miller has been making films for twenty years (for MTV and Lollapalooza, among others) and Uso Justo won the “Best of the Fest award at the prestigious Ann Arbor Film Festival. Note: This film contains strong language in parts. Uso Justo is is legacy film that was shown at the Film Festival in 2006.
Thank You
Jelenny Clark
2:25 minutes
Jelenny Clark, a participant in the Raw Arts Real to Reel film program, uses this film to thank the special person in her life.
Make It Out
Raw Arts
4:43 minutes
Make It Out is a music video of an original song, and it’s a collaborative project of the entire Raw Arts Real to Reel community. In a few short moments the film uses visuals, words and music to describe what it feels like to be both a teenager and gay, but anyone who has made it through their teenage years will certainly recognize the feelings.
Michelle Tsiakaros
7:06 minutes
Adlai is a portrait of Adlai Grayson, one of the founders of PROject Nailz, an all-female dance company based in Boston. The film shows Adlai at his day job, at home, and preparing his group for a performance. Michelle Tsiakaros is a senior in Film and Television at Boston University, a dancer, and “a constant observer,” with documentary subject interests in race, gender, and class—and food.
Ben Pender-Cudlip
7:34 minutes
This documentary records the last days and final rest of filmmaker and video artist Sanjiban Sellew and is a testament to one unique man’s life and the people who surrounded him at the end. Ben Pender-Cudlip is a founder of Unrendered Films, with interests in “nonfiction films that explore our common experiences and feelings as human beings.”
Jimmy's House of Hugs
Julia Radochia
5:40 Minutes
You could call Jimmy’s House of Hugs a late night cable TV infomercial from another planet…or you might say “What a great idea! Someone should open up something like this in Marblehead!” You be the judge. Another film from the talented and prolific Julia Radochia. Note: This film contains strong language in parts. This is another legacy film from the 2006 Film Festival.
In Memorium
Mike Evers and Barbara Papish at the 2008 Champagne and Culinary Arts Reception.
Mike Evers and Barbara Papish at the
2008 Champagne & Culinary Arts Reception
Photo by Charlie Lispson
The Marblehead Festival of Arts remembers Barbara Papish, who passed away June 27. Barbara and her husband, Mike Evers, have served on the Film Festival Committee through most of its existence.
Speaking on behalf of the Committee, Bill Smalley remarked, “Barbara and I served on the Marblehead Film Festival committee for several years. It was always a pleasure seeing the films with her, pointing out something that I had missed: some quirkiness of the film, some production highlights, and some overall comments based on her many pleasant years of watching films with Mike. We on the committee will miss her insights and her upbeat personality.”
Film Festival History
Film Festival has been a Summer Festival event since 1996. For a listing of films screened and the filmmakers,