Sand Sculpture Competition

July 1st Starting 11:00 am

 You have three days to catch other Festival activities,
so take a little time to come down to Devereux and let the kids get tired out (guaranteed to sleep good)
and have some family fun.  After all, that’s part of what the Festival is all about!
  • sand sculpture participants
  • sand sculpture shark
  • sand sculpture turtle
  • sand sculpture creature
  • sand sculpture turret
                                                                  Sand Sculpture Judging Criteria
                                                      1. Consistent with our theme this year of “From the Sea”;
                                                      2. Must have three dimensions;
                                                      3. Displays effort, care, thoughtfulness;
                                                      4. Only uses materials found on the Beach;
                                                      5. Should be true to its creative vision;
                                                      6. Judged on its degree of difficulty, sophistication.               

Sand Sculpture Festival
Devereux Beach, Marblehead, MA 01945