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Friends-of-the-Festival Fund
The Marblehead Festival of Arts, Inc. (MFoA) ia a nonprofit organization that promotes and encourages the arts, primarily through an annual arts festival in Marblehead, made possible by donations. Individuals, families, and businesses may become sponsors of the Festival by donating to the Friends-of-the-Festival Fund. Contributors will be acknowledged in the printed Festival Program and may receive benefits according to the Benefits Schedule.
Donations also may be made in memory of or in honor of someone.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the Friends-of-the-Festival Fund?
The Marblehead Festival of Arts (MFoA) relies on donations to underwrite the Festival. The Friends-of-the-Festival Fund is the MFoA’s annual fund for general operating support, and anyone may contribute. While the MFoA has established various giving levels, gifts of all sizes are welcome!
How are Friends-of-the Festival Fund gifts used?
The MFoA charges no admission to the Festival, held over the July 4th holiday. All events are free and open to the entire community and our many visitors. Donations to the Friends-of-the-Festival Fund directly support the summer Festival programs, including Art Exhibits, Performing Arts at Crocker Park, and events such as Children’s Festival and Street Festival.
Will I receive any recognition for my contribution to the Friends-of-the-Festival Fund?
Yes. Contributors to the Friends-of-the-Festival Fund receive acknowledgement in the printed Festival Program that serves as a guide to the summer event. Contributors at the Angel and Principal Sponsor levels also receive recognition on the Festival Web site.
Will I receive any benefits in exchange for my Friends-of-the-Festival Fund gift?
Individual, Family, and Business Contributors to the Friends-of-the-Festival Fund will receive benefits in accordance with the MFoA’s Benefits Schedule.
Is my Friends-of-the-Festival Fund gift tax-deductible?
Marblehead Festival of Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to the Friends-of-the-Festival Fund are tax-deductible within the limits of the law.
Can I designate my Friends-of-the-Festival Fund gift for a particular use?
No. Friends-of-the-Festival Fund contributions provide vital, unrestricted support for the MFoA’s operations. The MFoA will put your gift to work where it is most needed. With your donation, we ask for your suggestions, and what areas of the Festival most interest you. Your feedback will help us plan future Festivals.
Can I make a Friends-of-the-Festival Fund gift in honor or memory of a loved one?
Yes. The MFoA will mail you an acknowledgment of your gift and will notify the person or family honored, but will not mention the amount of your gift.
What other sources of funding does the MFoA receive?
The Friends-of-the-Festival Fund is the primary source of funding for the MFoA. In addition, the MFoA conducts several fundraising events over the course of the year, including the annual Art Auction in the spring and the Champagne & Culinary Arts Reception in June. During the summer Festival, the MFoA operates a Logo Store and an Artisans’ Marketplace. In addition, a small portion of the operating budget is covered by entry fees that artists pay to enter their works and by commissions the MFoA earns from the sale of these art works.
What portion of the operating budget is used for staff salaries?
Zero. The MFoA is staffed entirely by volunteers. The officers, Board of Directors, committee chairpersons and hundreds of other volunteers donate their time and talent to produce the Festival for everyone’s benefit.