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50th Festival Cod Auction Now Open!!

  • Schrader
  • Frost D
  • Frost A
  • Bonner
  • Billings
  • Bassion
  • Jaynes, Holly
  • Maxon Tritschler Polly
  • Minelli, Tali
  • Naeser Barbara
  • Riskin Marty
  • Moore, Carol
  • Roberts Cynthia
  • Schrader
  • Kaufman, Claudia_1
  • Tomlinson, Ellie
  • Baker Patti
  • Branham Rachel
  • Clark, Chris
  • Hershenhan, Mary
  • Hooper, Joan
  • Minelli, Mark

To commemorate its 50th Festival this summer, the Marblehead Festival of Arts invited local artists to decorate large wooden codfish using any artistic medium of their choosing. These artful cods are being sold via an exciting on-line auction running through July 5, the last day of the Festival. All proceeds from the Fifty Cods for Fifty Festivals auction will go directly to support future Marblehead Festival of Arts programs and scholarships.

Artistic efforts are now complete, and all of these one-of-a-kind cods are up for bid! “The response from the local arts community to join in the celebration has been amazing”, comments Tammy Picone Nohelty, co-chair of the event. There are two ways to see and bid on these codfish creations.

Look for decorated codfish displayed by local merchants in downtown Marblehead along Atlantic Avenue, Pleasant Street, and Washington Street as part of a joint venture between the Festival and Marblehead businesses. Each cod is displayed with a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet and linked directly to the on-line auction, so that visitors can bid on that cod right on the spot!

Also, all of these unique creations can be viewed on any device by visiting the Festival’s on-line auction website Fifty Cods for Fifty Festivals at www.biddingforgood.com/MFoA. Each cod has an individual auction page with a photograph of the cod as well as information on the contributing artist and the business where that codfish is displayed. “We are so excited to be able to share this diverse artwork, and we encourage people to see these decorated cods and participate in the on-line auction”, states Mary Alice Alexander, co-chair of the event.

It is easy to bid on these cods in the on-line auction on any device. Simply register at the Fifty Cods for Fifty Festivals auction website at www.biddingforgood.com/MFoA, view the cods on-line or at local merchants, and start bidding!


Thank you to the following generous artists for their support of our Fifty Cods for Fifty Festivals auction!

Elaine Abrams, Katie Alexander, Ursina Amsler, Patti DiCarlo Baker, Kirsten Bassion, Sheila Farren Billings, Michèle Fandel Bonner, Rachel Branham, Em Marquis Brown, Susan K. Burgess, Paula Cardarelli, Chris Clark, Joyce Mayer Clark, Ken Coder, Alicia Irick Cohen, Ana Curtin, Lily Dolin, Randa Dubnick, Peggy A. Farrell, Jean Fogle, April Frost, Debbie Frost, Mary Herchenhahn, Joan Colt Hooper, Holly Aloha Jaynes, Carolyn Jundzilo-Comer, Claudia Kaufman, D.L. Kaulbach, Barbara MacIver, Cathy Marie Michael, Mark Minelli, Tali Minelli, Carol J. Moore, Barbara S. Naeser, Kaitlyn Nohelty, Lauren Nohelty, Emma Oliver, Patricia S. Patrick, Tammy Picone-Nohelty, Roxcy Platte, Barbara H. Rafferty, Marty Riskin, Cynthia Roberts, Robin Samiljan, Susan J. Schrader, Kathy Stewart, Caitlin Teague, Ellie Tomlinson, Polly Maxon Tritschler, Stephanie Verdun, Ginny von Rueden, Patricia O’Hare Williams, Sandra Winter