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2018 MFoA Art Scholarships
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Milton Bloom Scholarship

Each year since 2008, the Marblehead Festival of Arts has offered the $500 Milton Bloom Student Art Scholarship to a deserving student in grades 7 through 11.  It is sponsored by the Bloom family, in memory of Milton Bloom, a lifelong supporter of the arts. This award is intended to provide financial assistance to the winning student to help pay tuition for a program in the arts, including fine arts, crafts, performing arts and creative writing.

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Senior and Warwick Foundation Scholarships

Since 1986, the Marblehead Festival of Arts has awarded a scholarship to a high school senior who resides in or attends school in Marblehead, and who is pursuing higher education in visual arts, performing arts, crafts, music, or drama. The Festival’s objective is to encourage students interested in pursuing the arts professionally to acquire a sound academic grounding in their chosen fields. The criteria considered by the Festival’s Scholarship Committee include financial need; academic achievements; art achievements; art-related and other activities, both in and out of school; honors and special citations received; and intended vocation.

At their annual meeting in November 2016. the Marblehead Festival of Arts received a generous donation from the Warwick Foundation.  Because of this donation, we will be offering a second scholarship to a senior at Marblehead High School who is a Marblehead resident.

Both scholarships will be awarded annually, and the winner will be announced at the Awards Ceremony held just before the summer Festival. In 1986, the amount of the scholarship was $1,000. It was increased to $1,500 in 1997, and to $3,000 in 2001.

Senior and Warwick Scholarship Info and Application here