Long Winter Short Film Festival

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2017 Painting The Town Plein Aire Judges

David Early and Karen Nastuk

David Early’s ability to draw portraits and architectural structures was apparent very early in his life. His first commissioned work involved renderings of 1850s vintage mill buildings as part of a National Historical Parks project. Later, Dave was part of a team that developed a three-dimensional environmental art program aimed at reaching troubled youth. He enjoys various paint mediums, including acrylics, oil, and pastels, and he practices with sculpture and mosaics. Several years ago, while consulting to the Italian government on healthcare, Dave’s interest in classical paintings was reawakened. He spent much of his spare time in Italy studying the works of the old masters, and he developed a deep appreciation for the beauty and scale of their work. Dave’s particular interest now is capturing the preciousness and experience of street people worldwide.

Karen Nastuk has a BA in Fine Arts and a career in advertising (copywriting) and has been tutored in painting by some of our area’s finest talents. Now she is an art demonstrator and teacher. Karen is an artist member of the North Shore Arts Association and Saltbox Gallery.