Long Winter Short Film Festival

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2017 Mixed Media Judges

Heidi Kepnes and Sue Grillo

This is representative of Mixed Media and not the work of the artists

Heidi Kepnes is a mixed media abstract expressionist artist residing in Salem, MA. She received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 2005, where she studied sculpture, metal, painting, and art history. Heidi’s work has been featured in multiple solo, group, and juried exhibitions throughout Boston and the North Shore. Her artworks are shaped using a multitude of techniques and mediums, including the ancient wax-based medium of encaustic. Heidi incorporates a variety of mixed media into her work, such as vintage materials, textiles, and found metal objects. A three-dimensional world carefully constructed on a two-dimensional surface, Heidi’s work is wrought with symbols and metaphors that echo a time of apocalyptic destruction as well as creation from chaos. Her art has been awarded Best of Show and Outstanding Work awards from the Marblehead Festival of Arts. Heidi is an active member of the Salem Arts Association.

Sue Grillo is an award-winning multimedia artist who started as an assistant designer in New York’s garment district. While in New York, she met her mentor in performance art and focused on costume and producing and collaborating on performance work. Sue received her formal education at the School of Visual Arts in New York and earned her BA from Massachusetts College of Art with a major in Studio for Interrelated Media. While touring with Mobius performance group out of Boston, she continued to costume shows for small theater in the Boston area. When the Salem Arts Association was on Essex Street, she was its Gallery manager, window designer, and curator. For the last five years, Sue has produced the plein air painting event and subsequent exhibit at the House of the Seven Gables with the Salem Arts Association. Recently she founded the Gulu-Gulu Drink-n-Draw extravaganza in Salem, which on Tuesday nights produces a theatrical set with a constantly changing theme and group of models, creating a tableau for guests to draw.