Long Winter Short Film Festival

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2017 MFoA Winning Artists

2017 Winning Artists by Exhibit


Best of Show (BOS)               Janet Barnet                           Menagerie2                (#16)

Outstanding Work (OSW)     Janet Barnet                           The Long Journey     (#15)

Outstanding Work (OSW)     Hannah Gurley                      Teapot 3                     (#39)

Honorable Mention (HON)   Marjorie Slattery                   Field of Flowers        (#12)

Honorable Mention (HON)   Pam Duncan                          Waves of Summer     (#14)

Honorable Mention (HON)   Nancy Norman-Coolidge      Coral Bowl                 (#18)

People’s Choice Award       Janet Barnet                           Menagerie2              (#16)



Best of Show (BOS)               Racket Shreve                        Old Bones at Plum Island      (#134)

Outstanding Work (OSW)     Amy Hourihan                       Stick and Ball                         (#115)

Outstanding Work (OSW)     Anthony Padula                     Charlotte                                (#148)

Honorable Mention (HON)   Susan Schrader                     Bicycle Girl                             (#142)

Honorable Mention (HON)   Ellen Grandpre                      Introspection                         (#147)

Lee R. Smith Award (LSA)    Polly Maxon-Tritschler         David                                      (#119)

People’s Choice Award         Diane Fawley                      Blueberry Barrens in Fall         (#107)



Best of Show (BOS)               Amy Hourihan           Foxgloves                   (#152)

Outstanding Work (OSW)     Lindsay Naggie          Golden Cod                (#155)

Outstanding Work (OSW)     Ted Jendrysik             Marblehead Light      (#170)

Honorable Mention (HON)   Lindsay Naggie          The Cottage                (#154)

People’s Choice Award        Amy Hourihan            Foxgloves                   (#152)


Mixed Media

Best of Show (BOS)               Marc Morin                By the Sea                                         (#275)

Outstanding Work (OSW)     Fariba York                Dissolution                                         (#225)

Outstanding Work (OSW)     Susan Schrader         Hand Into Feet – Wonderment         (#264)

Honorable Mention (HON)   Holly Aloha Jaynes    Homeless Ghosts                               (#217)

Honorable Mention (HON)   Adrienne Kelliher      Absence                                              (#233)

Don Howard Award (DHA)  Ursina Amsler            (I’m) Migration                                    (#266)

People’s Choice Award       Ursina Amsler             (I’m) Migration                                   (#266)



Best of Show (BOS)                           Marcelino Herrera Vegas     New arrivals at the farm, 1905            (#377)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Abby Record                          Tourists                                              (#350)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Alicia Irick Cohen                  Angry Ingres                                      (#372)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Sandra Chase Morrissey       Invigorating Coastal Rye                  (#311)

Honorable Mention (HON)               George Turner                      Weeping Cherry Tree in Spring            (#326)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Marion Hall                            Desert Flower                                    (#331)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Rolf Flor                                 Nahant: View of 40 Steps                  (#384)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Olga Gernovski                      Waltz in Blue                                     (#400)

Edward D. Carey Award (ECA)        Virginia von Rueden             Afternoon Glow at Devereux            (#349)

People’s Choice Award                    Alicia Irick Cohen                  Angry Ingres                                      (#372)


Painting The Town

Best of Show (BOS)                          Carole Loiacono                    After the Rain                                    (#1028)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                  Suzanne Hogan                    The Landing                                       (#1029)

Honorable Mention (HON)                 Barbara Rafferty                   Pleasant Street Under Siege             (#1000)

Honorable Mention (HON)                 Susan Burgess                     At Little Harbor                                 (#1009)

People”s Choice                               Barbara Rafferty                   Pleasant Street Under Siege             (#1000)



Best of Show (BOS)                           Daniel Zampino                     Apsaras (Dancers of Cambodia)                              (#809)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Diane McAlister                     Nathaniel Hare-Thorne                                            (#803)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Melissa Fisher                       Beaded Pagoda                                                          (#817)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Edward Myskowski               String Quartet Series (Beethoven Op. 130)                (#821)

Beverly Seamans Award (BSA)        Susan Gregersen                  Inner Compas                                                            (#819)

People’s Choice Award                     Melissa Fisher                       Beaded Pagoda                                                          (#817)


Photography – B&W

Best of Show (BOS)                           Eyal Oren                               In a Fog on State Street         (#513)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Karen Hosking                       Milenium Bike Rental           (#512)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Kiki Taron Kinney                 Off Edson Hill Road               (#631)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Emily Cantor                          Paris Park 2016                     (#641)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Hannah Belle Crowley          Eye on the Prize                     (#665)

Samuel Chamberlain Award (SCA)  Larry Dunn                            The Sail & Cranes                  (#515)

Photojournalism Award (PJA)         Kim Belf                                  Companion, Hong Kong        (#559)


Photography – Color

Best of Show (BOS)                           Merry Glosband                    Pretty in Pink                                                 (#584)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Kim Belf                                  Perseid Meteor at Dawn, Marblehead            (#560)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Jonathan Willmer                  Bicycle in a Dream                                        (#572)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Ellen Garvey                          Community                                                    (#552)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Ulrike Welsch                        Iceland Horses Necking                                (#605)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Jana Conway                          Harbor Sunset October 2016                       (#667)

Honorable Mention (HON)               Russell Beck                           Cykelgata                                                        (#668)

People’s Choice Award                   Kim Belf                                  Perseid Meteor at Dawn, Marblehead            (#560)


Senior Art

Best of Show (BOS)                                       Janice Koskey            Proud Egret                           (#892)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                             Elaine Caliri Daly       Sherman                                 (#910)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                             Rick Cloran                Spring Planting – PEI             (#925)

Honorable Mention (HON)                           Adrienne Kelliher      Fern                                        (#866)

Honorable Mention (HON)                           Maryann Main           Pitcher Perfect                       (#906)

Honorable Mention (HON)                           Karin Rhodes             Cascade #1                             (#918)

Louise Remick Brown Award (LBA)           Paula Engman            Caryn’s                                   (#868)

Bob & Ruth Sinclair Award (BRSA)             John Fletcher             Village Kids                            (#878)

People’s Choice Award                                Rod Parker               The Painter                             (#903)


Writers’ World – Fiction

Best of Show (BOS)                           Patricia Callan                        The Least Important Thing

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Clem Schoenebeck                Brahms in Summer

Honorable Mention (HON)               Peter Speziale                        The Wrinkled Wall


Writers’ World – Creative Nonfiction

Best of Show (BOS)                           Susan Butterworth                Pilgrimage Moment, Johannesburg, South Africa

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Sandra Winter                       Take the Cooleyville Road

Honorable Mention (HON)               Iris Orlen                                Androscoggin House


Writers’ World – Poetry

Best of Show (BOS)                           Viktoria Paget                        Walking on Water

Outstanding Work (OSW)                 Patricia Callan                        Belly Button

Honorable Mention (HON)               Colleen Murnane-Nial           The Lighthouse Keepers

Honorable Mention (HON)               Viktoria Paget                        Cosmic Alignment

Marcia Doehner Award (MDA)        Amy Hourihan                       Sea Passage in Borrowed Light


Student Art

Best of Show (BOS)                                       Samantha Power                   Abstract                                  (MVMS 8th grade)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                             Lauren Dombey                    Untitled                                   (MHS 9th grade)

Outstanding Work (OSW)                             Alexis Fein                             Mythological Beast                (Cohen-Hillel 5th grade)

Honorable Mention (HON)                           Mary Grace Kane                   Elephant Quilt                        (SEWing-Fun 6th grade)

Honorable Mention (HON)                           Justin Featherstone              Harbor                                   (MVMS 7th grade)

Honorable Mention (HON)                           Nickole Fein                           Lemur Eye                              (Cohen-Hillel 7th grade)

Honorable Mention (HON)                           Emma Hawthorne                 Dutch Flower Still Life            (MCCPS Charter 5th grade)

Debra & Jack Highberger Award (DJHA)    Ian Mertens                            Lamp                                      (Tower 6th grade)

Nordia Kay Award (NKA)                             Juliet Poss                             Koi Pond                                (MCCPS Charter 7th grade)

People’s Choice Award                                Rory Torstensson                  Dancer                             (#S010, Acorn Gallery, 10th grade)