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Cods of a Different Color

  • Tali Minelli BFG Full Image
  • Cod 9 Verdum
  • Cod 4 Frost
  • Cod 3 Jacome
  • Cod 2 Amsler
  • Cod 1
  • Mary Herchenhahn BFG Full Size
  • Ruth Bauer BFG Full Size
  • Peggy Farrell BFG Full Size
  • Ken Coder BFG Full Size
  • Joyce Clark BFG Full Size
  • Jennifer Groeber BGF Full Size
  • Elvira Schoenthal BFG Full Size
  • Claudia Kaufman BFG Full Size
  • Caroline May BFG Full Size
  • Barbara Rafferty BFG Full Size
(These were last year’s catch – what will you hook this year?)
Marblehead Festival of Arts Fundraising Cod Auction
Back by popular demand!


For the third year in a row, the Marblehead Festival of Arts has asked a talented group of local artists to decorate a wooden codfish as a fundraising event to support future Elvira Schoenthal OriginalFestival programs and scholarships.  It’s a perfect union of a Festival that supports the arts, grateful artists who appreciate the opportunity to display their art, and a discerning public that enjoys original art.

The decorated codfish will be sold via an online auction that will begin in early June and run through July 4. In a joint venture with Marblehead merchants, the 50 wooden cods will be displayed in various businesses along Atlantic Avenue, Pleasant Street, and Washington Street for the public to view during the auction. The one-of-a-kind codfish will be displayed not only in a local business in Marblehead but also on an online auction site accessible by bidders throughout the US.


      ***** Come back in early June for Online Auction info and links *****Artist: Susan J. Schrader

Artist: Susan J. Schrader (2016)